He gives his wife a ticket to Coldplay as part of her dowry

In some countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the man must give his wife the dowry, which usually consists of money or property. However, in Indonesia a young man included an expensive ticket of Coldplay as part of his estate to please his wife, a fan of the group led by Chris Martin.

In November of this year Coldplay will be presented for the first time in Indonesia and Malaysia, an event that has motivated thousands of fans from both nations to fight for a ticket.

Faridz Kyab, who was about to get married, did not hesitate to go in search of two tickets for him and his girlfriend Anestasya Ayu Widiadana, a fan of the group led by Chris Martin. The sacrifice was rewarded and, after several days of waiting, he was able to purchase the tickets for more than $200, according to SAYS.

Faridz’s parents suggested that he include the Coldplay tickets as part of his dowry, due to the work to get them, and the young man accepted.

Father accepted marriage dowry

On May 21, Faridz Kyab and Anestasya Ayu Widiadana got married in an emotional ceremony that took place in a bombastic venue in Indonesia. Faridz Kyab’s brother captured part of the scene with his cell phone and it shows the father of the bride holding the hand of his son-in-law.

“I betrothed you to my daughter, Anestasya Ayu Widiadana, with a dowry of 21 grams of gold, a set of prayer clothes and Coldplay concert tickets, paid in full”said the woman’s father.

For his part, the groom’s brother joked about the situation. “My brother got married with Coldplay ticket dowry, wedding was supported by Chris Martin”, wrote on his Twitter account.

Watch the viral video here

On November 15 of this year Coldplay will be presented in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and the newlyweds Faridz and Anestasya will be the luxury spectators.