He dropped out of school to start his own business and today, at the age of 19, he earns US,500 a month

He dropped out of school to start his own business and today, at the age of 19, he earns US$2,500 a month


Microsoft founder Bill Gates barely studied two years at the University from Harvard, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a billionaire by the time he was 31. The same happened with Mark Zuckerberg, who also left said house of studies to dedicate himself full time to the social network that would change the technological world, Facebook.

And so there are several other examples of people who have succeeded and left their studies unfinished. This denotes that to be successful in life it is not necessarily about a diploma or something like that, but the desire to excel in what one is good at.

A clear example of this is the case of Oakley Inkersell, a 19-year-old man who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, who dropped out of university to start his own business, although some ‘trolls’ see his work as a “joke” or a waste of money. time.

Inkersell explained that he hated the time that higher education demanded, although he liked the idea of ​​entering the business world, but finally he chose to follow his dreams.

That’s how he combined his passion with his experience in cleaning cars to become his own boss. His company is called Cleaner Cars and it is gaining more and more popularity on social networks.

“Everyone has a car and it is always going to get dirty”, Oakley wrote in a LinkedIn post.

According to the videos he shares on TikTok and Instagram, the young man manages to revive dirty and neglected engines, as well as cleaning the general upholstery of the car.

Oakley says he earns $536 a week ($2,144 a month) and is optimistic that his business will be recognized in his city and country.

divided opinions

The well-known saying goes that if the “dogs bark it is a sign that we are moving forward” and this is totally true. One user pointed out that he charges very little for what he offers and should do some market research.

But not all the comments read on your posts are critical, as they also wish you the best in your business.

A second added: “This is incredible! I look forward to your business growing and branching out, I would love to use your services. Keep up the good work, this is epic!”