Explained end of “Always faithful”: who is lying and who is the real murderer

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Directed by André van Duren from a screenplay by Elisabeth Lodeizen, Paul Jan Nielissen and Duren, “Siempre fiel” (“Faithfully Yours” in its original language) is his Dutch film that opened in local theaters in December 2022 and it’s available on netflix from May 17, 2023.

The Dutch thriller tells the story of Judge Bodil Backer (Bracha van Doesburgh) and her best friend Isabel Luijten (Elise Schaap), who cover each other’s backs to sneak out and have secret affairs, but their elaborate web of lies comes crashing down when one of them disappears.

After saying goodbye to their respective husbands and arriving by train at Ostend, the city on the Belgian coast, the protagonists of “Always Faithfulthey go their separate ways. While Isabel checks into a hotel and goes to a party, the judge stays in the house that an aunt inherited for her and attends a conference.

Bodil Backer traveling with her best friend Isabel in the film "Always Faithful" (Photo: Millstreet Films)

Bodil Backer traveling with her best friend Isabel in the movie “Always faithful” (Photo: Millstreet Films)


To prevent her husband Luuk (Gijs Naber) from tracking her through the tracker he installed on his phone, Isabel gives her smartphone to her best friend, who takes it upon herself to send messages and photos so the writer doesn’t suspect anything. Bodil does the same with her husband Milan (Nasrdin Dchar) and has an affair with speaker Michael Samuels (Matteo Simoni).

The next day, Luuk calls his wife to inform her that he hurt his foot and that he needs her to go back to Holland, Bodil takes the call, claims that his friend is in the shower and promises to give her the message. The judge communicates with Isabel, who will go to her house before going to the train station.

While her friend comes over for her phone, Bodil goes to the beach with Michael. After clarifying to the speaker that her relationship is temporary, the judge returns to her house and finds a terrifying scene: Isabel’s suitcases are in the entrance and the floor is covered in blood.

Of course, he calls the police, but he can’t give the full information because of his secrets. When Isabel’s phone appears with a photograph of her body, the investigation led by Ann van Passel (Sofie Decleir) changes course and Bodil becomes suspiciousso he has no choice but to tell the truth, at least part of it.

Luuk, who arrives in Ostend with Milan, refuses to listen to Bodil’s version and blames him for everything. The situation is complicated when Michael Samuels denies knowing her to the police, although her intention was not to reveal her affair, he makes her look suspicious. Also, footage from the hotel shows that Yara Backer (Hannah Hoekstra) spent the night with Isabel.

After being released, Yara looks for her sister to say goodbye, before leaving she hands her a taser and suggests that perhaps the target was not Isabel but the judge. The protagonist of “Always Faithful” she does not believe that possibility until she finds out that her husband installed a camera in that house, that is, she knows about his deception.

Bodil Backer begins to suspect her husband in the film "Always Faithful" (Photo: Millstreet Films)

Bodil Backer becomes suspicious of her husband in the movie “Always Faithful” (Photo: Millstreet Films)


Who is lying and who is the real murderer?

Desperate, Bodil turns to the police, but when they check Milan’s computer they find nothing. After so many different testimonies, Ann van Passel does not believe the judge and asks her to leave. Not knowing where to go, she goes to Michael Samuels’s apartment, but begins to suspect that he is involved in the death of her friend, so she leaves.

Although she goes back to Milan, she no longer trusts him, which is why she doesn’t take the pills he prescribes. When she is left alone she tries to escape, but she screams when she sees Luuk on the ground. Milan shows up just in time and helps her friend spit out the pills she swallowed, but insists on not calling for an ambulance.

Bodil suspects that her husband took advantage of his status as a doctor to cause the death of his friend., so he immobilizes them with the taster and ties him up before he wakes up. While he looks for his phone to call the police, he realizes that the real culprit is Luukwho wakes up and tries to murder her.

The judge escapes to the sea, where she manages to hide and drown Luuk, who hired a hitman to get rid of Bodil, but due to a mistake his wife was murdered, so he tried to commit suicide with the pills. When the police show up she confirms the information and closes the case.

However, that is not the whole truth. “Always faithful” ends with Bodil looking for his sister in the private airport and discovering that Isabel is not dead. The judge’s best friend discovered Luuk’s plan and took the opportunity to fake her murder, get rid of her husband, and start a new life with Yara. Bodil lets them go and looks for Michael.

Isabel faked her murder in the movie "Always Faithful" (Photo: Millstreet Films)

Isabel faked her murder in the movie “Always Faithful” (Photo: Millstreet Films)


“Always faithful” is available on Netflix from May 17, 2023therefore, to see the new film from the Netherlands you only need a subscription to the popular streaming platform.


  • Country of Origin: Netherlands
  • Year: 2023
  • Duration: 96 minutes