Dog leaves her home to go with another family and hides when she sees her former owner

Dog leaves her home to go with another family and hides when she sees her former owner


A ‘heartbreaking’ story moved the social networks. Through a viral video of TikTokthe user “Grecia Reeses” (@greciareeses) She said that her dog left the house in order to go live with another family in the same neighborhood; however, she never imagined that the animal would try to hide when it saw her. Look at the images that generated all kinds of reactions.

It all started when Greece Reeseswho lives in Baja California, Mexico, noticed the absence of his beloved little dogthat left the house without permission. After a few hours, the woman learned that she was under the protection of her neighbors, according to what she reports. The Impartial.

Upon learning of this situation, Grecia decided to leave her and visited her to find out how her ‘four-legged friend’ was doing; but the canine rose from the place where she was resting and quickly fled. Despite this unexpected reaction, @greciareeses He came back the next morning and got the same answer.

In this sense, the former owner recorded the dog’s behavior to later upload the painful betrayal to the Asian platform. “My dog ​​abandoned me and went to another family. Every time she sees me she hides.” noted Grecia Reeses, whose clip recorded more than 10 million views.

respond to criticism

the story of @greciareeses caused an avalanche of negative comments against the protagonist. “Well, you did something to him, because he is the most faithful and grateful animal”; “I’m sure they treat her with love there”; “You can see that he is hiding, but he is scared”were some of the opinions.

In fact, the video was set to music with the popular ‘cover’ song: ‘Ojalá Me Lleve El Diablo’, thus announced that the owner is sorry. However, her dog would be in better care now.

Faced with these reactions, Grecia published another video in which she appeared with her dog to show that the pet “he did not leave due to abuse”. “When the bitch that abandoned me now wants to come back”, the woman indicated in her clip.

“This is a perfect case of ‘Karma.’ Animals know how to appreciate people who not only feed them, but who know how to love them in a family environment. Let this person hurt!”It is the opinion of a netizen.

“It is incredible how this woman acted with her pet, so she has everything to lose. The fact that she has not recognized her is perfect for both of them ”,“ When one does something wrong, he almost never shows it. It is human nature. This dog ‘already has another bone’”is counted on social networks.

“This is a case that also happened to a friend of mine… lack of food, love and play made his German Shepherd become attached to the next door neighbor”recognizes another user.

Do dogs have feelings?

Dogs are also living beings that feel emotions, some of which can be complex or basic. In fact, some emotions that the ‘dogs’ feel can be anger, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and disgust, according to the web

In this line, dogs are usually linked to very positive feelings such as love, companionship and respect. Also, you should keep in mind that the ‘dogs’ live only in the moment, so they are actors of fullness, balance, peace and fun.

How do dogs experience grief?

Although dogs cannot experience feelings as complex as loss or grief, they can become depressed by the absence of a person with whom they had a deep connection as owner and pet. They may even involve your behavior; they will stop sleeping well or refuse to play.

Can dogs cry?

Like humans, dogs have tear ducts that carry tears to clean their eyes and keep them healthy, however, they are not tied to negative emotion or sadness when they fall from their eyes.