Couple buys a house and finds a scary pit under the kitchen floor

Like it was a horror movie! Emma Harrison, 28, and Rhys Stainer, 27, respectively, always dreamed of having their own home and with a lot of effort they made it possible, but they were shocked to discover a dark pit under the kitchen floor. His history it has become viral on social networks.

Imagine buying a house in Worcestershire, UK, and while remodeling the kitchen you discover a ‘treasure’ that has been hidden for over 100 years.

According to a video posted on the account @victoriahouseinthehills On TikTok, Rhys can be seen lifting the tiles on the kitchen floor and they came across a 20 meter deep water hole.

The incredible discovery went viral on the aforementioned social network which, since April 26, has had more than 5.4 million views and left viewers terrified and wanting to know more details about it.

“We love period properties and this feature was a great find,” said Emma, ​​that’s how the portal picks it up Meter From United Kingdom.

former owners

Both Emma and Rhys estimated that the well was built when the site was built in 1987.

Likewise, the former owners took it upon themselves to cover it so that it would not be discovered, but it was easy to discover it because the tiles were not firm.

“Unfortunately (the well) had been covered over by the previous owners and was out of sight, but you can lift the floorboard,” added.

Although the well seems spooky to them, the couple hopes to decorate their new ‘discovery’ in the future. Of course, before they try to put lights to see to the bottom and a glass lid in which they can walk.

Horror movie

After the video posted on TikTok went viral, a user praised the husband’s bravery for standing over a 20-foot well like nothing.

“With all the horror movies I’ve seen, I recommend closing it permanently,” another netizen wrote. What is certain is that the couple will remodel their new house little by little and the kitchen will not be the exception.

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