“Citadel” ending explained: why Mason betrayed the agency?

SPOILER ALERT! If someone expected the ending we had with “Citadel”Well, we need your powers of clairvoyance. The prime video series had one big question mark throughout the entire first season: who betrayed the agency. The mystery has been revealed with episode 6, where it was revealed that the person responsible was Mason Kane (Richard Madden).

From the very first episode, Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) told Kyle/Mason that the destruction of the Citadel was due to one of his own agents.

Subsequently, everything indicated that Nadia Sinh, the protagonist’s partner and partner, had been the traitor. Although she was hiding a big secret, already we suspected it was a distraction to have a big reveal at the end. This came with the episode titled “Secrets In Night Need Early Rain” (“The secrets at night need rain” which premiered on Friday, May 26.

With the shocking ending, where Mason was shown to be the mole and Dahlia to be his mother, a mystery has been solved, but now it leaves a lot of question marks for Season 2.

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Why does it make sense for Dahlia to be Mason’s mother?

In the final episode of “Citadel”, it was revealed that Dahlia was actually the mother of Mason Kane. Although the revelation has been an unexpected turn, the series had left us subtle clues in the first chapters that support this relationship.

As Nadia and Mason are starting their romance, he reveals that he was an orphan and that’s why the Citadel took him in. Later, when Priyanka Chopra’s character confronts him about what he did to Celeste/Abby, the spy reveals that his father died and his mother abandoned him.

Lesley Manville plays Dahlia Archer, Manticore's representative in

Lesley Manville plays Dahlia Archer, Manticore’s representative in “Citadel” (Photo: Amazon Studios)

It wasn’t until the sixth and final episode that it was revealed that Mason was also not the true identity, instead going by the name Paul as a child. By becoming a spy he left behind his old life and, incidentally, his British accent.

Why did Mason Kane betray the Citadel?

Mason Kane’s betrayal stemmed from two main factors: his desperation to find Nadia and the information his mother gave him.

When he asked the head of the agency, Grace, for Nadia’s whereabouts, she refused, prompting him to enlist the help of Dahlia, who is supposed to be the UK ambassador and has many connections.

Mason was already willing to do whatever it took to find the woman he loved, but the story Dahlia gave him, about the Citadel supposedly murdering his father by mistake, convinced him to reveal the agency’s secrets.

Did Mason Kane know what was going to happen with the Citadel?

Mason Kane didn’t know what Dahlia really had planned for the Citadel, for what she had told him at the meeting they had over a glass of lemonade was that she would take the case to the British Court, so that justice could be dealt with.

Instead, Manticore’s secret representative ordered the assassination of all Citadel agents and the destruction of the organization. Considering that Mason and Nadia were also attacked at the beginning of the series, we can presume that she also had her own son assassinated. Demonstrating the monster that he really was. Something that is confirmed again when she threatens to kill her own granddaughter, Asha.