Android: the steps to mute calls by placing the screen of your phone face down

It is likely that you struggle in the morning to silence an incoming call or the alarm that you had casually set on your day off, however, from Mag we will teach you how to silence them after placing the screen of your phone Android down. Take note.

The calls are very important for you to communicate with your friends, family or co-workers, on the other hand, the alarms They are used to wake up on time and not be late for your work center, school, university, etc., however, on many occasions they turn out to be a real nuisance, since their sound or vibration could interrupt you when you are sleeping or in a meeting that requires silence.

Sometimes it can be difficult to touch the physical volume down button to silence a call or manually snooze and deactivate alarms, the ideal would be to configure the smartphone so that just by turning it you avoid these interruptions, but keep in mind that if the device screen remains “upside down” you will not hear the next calls or alarmsat least until the front camera points up again.

So you can silence calls and alarms after turning the screen of your cell phone

  • First, pull down the notification bar from Android.
  • Now, click on the icon of the cogwheel or gear that is located in the upper right corner, in this way you will access the “Settings”.
  • Look for and press the section that says “Advanced functions”.
  • The next step is to tap on the option called “Movements and gestures”.
  • Finally, turn on the switch with the following description: “Flip to mute”.

Done, that would be it. To put it to the test you won’t have to ask a friend or relative to call you, because you can confirm the changes made by setting an alarm that sounds in a few minutes. Place the cell phone face up and when your alarm goes off just turn it to silence it.

The best keyboard apps for Android phones

  • SwiftKey keyboard: This keyboard belonging to Microsoft is one of the best options for your phone, it is not only for you to write, it also allows you to customize the themes, the size of the letters, create tasks, etc.
  • fleksy: The app stands out for allowing you to add application shortcuts or some extensions at the top of the keyboard.
  • Chrooma RGB & Chameleon Keyboard: This keyboard was called “Chameleon” because of its main feature, it is capable of changing the color of its main interface depending on the app you are using, the goal is to make the keyboard more visually attractive.
  • minuum: This keyboard offers you very large keys, perfect for users who often make mistakes when typing. It also includes customization options.
  • anysoftkeyboard: gives you the best privacy and security, because in one of the clauses of its terms and conditions it indicates that it does not use your data to offer it to third parties. Then, it has everything a keyboard can offer you: customization, gesture typing, prediction system, etc.

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