5 things that will happen this week in “4 stars”: Clara wants to support Sergio and Silvia fights with Javier

5 things that will happen this week in “4 stars”: Clara wants to support Sergio and Silvia fights with Javier


“4 stars” It is one of the productions that managed to consolidate the fastest in all of Spain. The series narrates the adventures of the Lasierra family and the other residents of Vera del Rey, a well-known town in Almeria. Be it by the obvious chemistry between Clara and Julio, or the constant abuse that Jon suffers, the truth is that the novel continues to bring episodes with a lot of emotion week by week. Therefore, in MAG We tell you what will happen between Monday 22 and Thursday 25 May.

As we well know, the plot of “4 stars” revolves around the famous hotel of a family that deals with various situations full of love, revenge and hatred among its inhabitants. The story has managed to captivate the Iberian public immediately, managing to position itself among the favorites of all of Spain in a matter of weeks.

During the last episodes of “4 stars” we were able to see on stage the operation that Javier and Martínez rode to capture the Riojanos, a group dedicated to the commercialization of local drugs. Besides, Clara began to suspect that Sergio’s arrival he keeps more than one secret that he must discover as the weeks go by.

Along with the entire cast of "4 stars" (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

Together with the entire cast of “4 stars” (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

However, one of the most critical points of the novel occurred between Felisa and Alejo, since the mayor’s wife would have let a third person into their lives. Will this have an impact on the plot? Well, here we tell you the most shocking events that will happen this week.


5. Clara wants to support Sergio’s treatment

Seeing the great cost of Sergio’s treatment, Clara wants to help by paying for the medicines and decides to sell her part of the hotel to Rita. However, before she stamps the signature, the truth comes out and Ricardo Lasierra’s daughter discovers the disappointing truth.

Toni Acosta gives life to Clara Rojo in "4 stars" (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

Toni Acosta gives life to Clara Rojo in “4 stars” (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

Likewise, the relationship between Silvia and Javier goes through a moment of extreme tension, since he is the one who failed to forgive and overcome all the act of betrayal that she committed.

4. A mysterious man arrives at the Lasierra hotel

The arrival of a character played by David Pareja will cause great alarm throughout the town, but especially in Cuca and Marifrán, who suspect that it would be “El Naipe”, a well-known robber who became known for his misdeeds and dangers. when attacking.

In this sense, they choose to call Javier and Martínez to investigate and clear up the doubts of an apparent danger in the hotel. Meanwhile, the situation between Silvia and Javier seems to be more tense than ever and they begin to argue out loud, causing Jon to find out the origin of the problem with his parents.

3. A party without Ricardo

Ricardo’s absence did not prevent the Lasierra hotel from celebrating another founding anniversary and deciding to invite everyone to its big event, except for Julio after his breakup with Marta.

Antonio Resines is Ricardo Lasierra in the series (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

Antonio Resines is Ricardo Lasierra in the series (Photo: Toni Acosta / Instagram)

However, Clara decides to include him in the celebrations and decides to join the party. On the other hand, the situation between Silvia and Javier never seems to be fixed, although now she has suggested going to couples therapy to alleviate her marital problems.

2. July becomes a bone of contention

What seemed to be a relationship of respect between Clara and Marta turned into an all-out war for love towards Julio. Such a situation between the two women makes Andrés find out with whom his wife was unfaithful, coming to confront Julio in the vicinity of a bar and before the eyes of everyone present.

Meanwhile, Luz regrets giving Paolo a chance to save their relationship, while at the same time a farewell party inside the hotel wreaks havoc and causes Laura to disappear without a trace. Will she pass it on to majors or is she just part of the show?

1. Clara falls in love with Julio

During the search for Laura, Clara manages to realize that she is feeling something for Julio. In turn, Silvia and Javier begin their couples therapy to find solutions and not end up separated. Of course, not everything will be easy, because he will be the one who decides to let all his emotions out, even if he hurts his girlfriend and companion.


The Serie “4 stars” It is broadcast from Monday to Thursday, at 9:50 p.m. in Spain, through the signal of the television channel 1 of RTVE. To see the chapters online, you can click on this link.

"4 stars" is a famous Spanish series (Photo: RTVE)

“4 stars” is a famous Spanish series (Photo: RTVE)