Will The Little Mermaid come to streaming?


Disney’s new live-action will hit the big screen next Thursday. If you want to see it in your house you will have to wait.

Will The Little Mermaid come to streaming?
Will The Little Mermaid come to streaming?

The Little Mermaid, one of the new remakes live action of Disneyjoins the list of successes that includes The Lion King and aladdin. This acclaimed film, based on the 1989 animated classic, has been reimagined to captivate audiences today.

The premiere of The little Mermaid is scheduled for next week on the big screen, generating great anticipation among fans of Disney. Reviews have been very favorable thus far, noting the film’s ability to update and refresh the story of Ariel.

In this new version of The little Mermaidthe leading role of Ariel Is interpreted by halle bailey. Under the direction of Rob Marshallknown for his work in films such as Chicago, Memories of a Geisha and the sequel to Mary Poppins of 2018, the film has an exceptional cast with figures such as Javier Bardem and Melissa McCarthy.

For those who wish to enjoy The little Mermaid from the comfort of their homes, the wait could last until July. Disney usually maintains a window of 45 to 60 days before launching its titles in streamingand given the rave reviews for this movie, they probably won’t rush its arrival on digital platforms.

+Disney’s next live-action after The Little Mermaid

the next title live action of Disney to reach the big screen will be Snow White. Under the direction of Mark Webbrecognized for his work on the acclaimed film 500 days with herwill feature the performance of Rachel Zeglerwho shone in West Side Story with Steven Spielberg.