Will Ezra Miller continue at DC after the premiere of The Flash?


The actor plays Barry Allen in the DC Extended Universe. Changes are expected with the arrival of James Gunn.

Will Ezra Miller continue at DC after the premiere of The Flash?
Will Ezra Miller continue at DC after the premiere of The Flash?

Flash It’s been in rumors as a movie since 2014, but it’s taken nearly a decade to finally come true. From the director’s hand Andy Muschiettiwill hit the big screen in mid-June, and first impressions have been extremely positive.

ezra miller He is a talented actor who has made a mark in the film industry with his various performances. From his role in fantastic animals until We need to talk about Kevin, has shown his ability to immerse himself in complex and challenging characters. But he’s also been embroiled in several publicly known controversies and issues that could have jeopardized his future in the role.

in january Variety reported that all the top executives of Warner Bros. Discovery would agree to the possibility that Miller continue within DC Universe (DCU) who is building James Gunn. Although it is not clear who supports the actor or if the director himself Guardians of the Galaxy will take it into account.

It is worth noting that a soft reboot is expected in the near future of the DC Extended Universewith “Superman: Legacy” as the first grand entrance to the universe that James Gunn plans to build. In this context, it seems that only Jason Momoa His future in the franchise is assured, although not as Aquamanbut as Wolf.

+How Ezra Miller could continue in DC

Considering that there will be several recasts, it would be strange if ezra miller continue to be Flash in the DCU. The simplest thing would be for him to keep his role if Gunn bet to expand the elseworlds. Outside the multiverses (with which, for example, we will see michael keaton as Batman once again) it will be difficult for Miller continue in the series