Why does the Barbie movie look like the Matrix? Watch the trailer!

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Although it sounds incredible, the Barbie movie has similarities with the science fiction classic Matrix. Watch the trailer for the film of the doll and be surprised!

Barbie and Neo
© IMDbBarbie and Neo

Barbie has everything ready to hit movie theaters around the world next July 21. The film is starred by margot robbie like the doll of mattel accompanied by Ken, the famous boyfriend of the protagonist who in this case is personified by the gallant ryan gosling. Many have high expectations for this film because its director is Greta Gerwig who has in his filmography as a filmmaker titles such as Lady Bird and little women.

For all those who are waiting Barbie anxiously the new trailer for the movie is quite revealing regarding the plot. In this case, we can see how Barbie lives in Barbie Land where the color pink is everywhere and its inhabitants are perfect and, most importantly, happy. Music, choreography and laughter are the framework of that magical place of which the protagonist is a part.

Barbie and an amazing meeting point

However, Barbie he comes to question Barbie Land and not only that, in a sequence of the advance, you can see how his feet are left in the air and the reaction of his companions is very negative because it is about “flat feet”. Perfection seems to be an essential requirement for Barbies and there is no place for the character of margot robbie In a land where everything must shine.

Then comes a transcendental moment in the life of the Mattel doll: a character offers her to choose between a high-heeled shoe that means returning to her world or a brown flip flop where she can meet “the truth of the universe”. A choice that reminds us of the moment of matrix where Morpheus gives Neo a choice between a blue pill that returns him to the unreal dream he was in or a red pill to discover “how far down the rabbit hole”in a clear reference to Alice in Wonderland.

Since Barbie comes to the real world the executives of the company that sells the doll are desperate for “go back to your box”. Yes, it’s true, the movie with margot robbie abuses pastel colors while in matrix We are used to dark tones, but doesn’t that dichotomy bring them together in a particular way where the extremes end up touching? Certainly the tape Greta Gerwig it seems to have more than pretty aesthetics and a smashing soundtrack. One of the most anticipated premieres of 2023!