When does season 2 of The Rookie premiere on Netflix?


Noah Centineo shone in the first season of “El Novato” and now fans are waiting for the next episodes. When are they released?

Noah Centineo in The Rookie
© NetflixNoah Centineo in The Rookie

In December 2022 Netflix surprised with the premiere of The noob. This series, which was launched with only one season, stars Noah Centineo who completely ran away from the romantic roles that always characterized him. This is because now he played a CIA lawyer who must save the world.

In The noob Noah Centineo he puts himself in the shoes of Owen Hendricks, a young man who has just graduated from a lawyer who enters the Intelligence Agency. However, once there he receives a threat that could change the future of the country and he must do everything possible so that these state secrets are not disclosed to the entire world and put the security of the agents at risk.

A dramatic story in which Noah Centineo shone as an agent in the eight episodes that made up the first edition. However, the end of the strip left viewers wanting more and now many fans are waiting for the arrival of the second part. Find out when it’s released.

The Rookie: when does season 2 premiere?

In January of this year it was confirmed that The noob will return with new episodes to Netflix. However, on the same day, the production made it clear that it will not be sooner than expected. This is because, as announced, the second part will premiere sometime in 2024, thus having more than a year between the two seasons.

In any case, it should be noted that Netflix did not confirm, at least for the moment, an official release date for The Rookie 2. What’s more, it is still unknown if the next chapters are already in production, but if so, the strip could be released early next year.