What Ray Stevenson died of: the Marvel and Star Wars actor


Renowned Marvel and Star Wars actor Ray Stevenson, who left his mark on the Hollywood film industry, has died. What happened?

Irish actor.
© Mark SaglioccoIrish actor.

ray stevenson passed away at the age of 58 leaving his mark in Hollywood, where he stood out in the universe Marvelgiving life to one of the versions of The Punisher in the film war zone of that vigilante as well as lending Volstagg’s body in the franchise Thor headed by Chris Hemsworth. It’s certainly a remarkable loss to show business.

In a very short time we will see it again in action despite this tragic outcome. How is that? The Irish actor was part of Ahsokathe series of Star Wars that will come to the streaming platform Disney+ on August 31 where he plays a dark jedi who is armed with a curious orange lightsaber that represents his affiliation.

ray stevenson participated in films like kill the irishman (2011), The Three Musketeers (2011) and G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013). He also stood out in different television series such as rome, Vikings and Dexter. This man’s career path was flawless and Hollywood is losing an actor who still had a great future ahead of him.

The interpreter was married to a renowned actress, Ruth Gemmellwho currently triumphs with Queen Charlotte and previously played the same character as Violet Bridgerton in the first two batches of episodes of Bridgerton on the streaming platform Netflix.

What did Ray Stevenson die of?

The first reports speak of a deterioration in the actor’s health that ended with him losing his life last Sunday, according to what the media could find out. Variety who confirmed the sad news after speaking with Stevenson’s publicist. So far the reason for this tragic outcome is unknown, but we will keep you posted once it is known why this 58-year-old man is no longer with us.