Transgender Twins: The HBO MAX Show You MUST SEE for Pride Month


The documentary series has a total of six episodes and we tell you why to watch it

The series follows Mayla and Sofia, the first twins in the world to undergo gender reassignment.
© HBO MaxThe series follows Mayla and Sofia, the first twins in the world to undergo gender reassignment.

We are entering June and while pride month is every month, June officially has this description, so little by little we see more content that addresses the populations LGBTQIA+ on different platforms and We will tell you about the documentary series transgender twins and why you should watch it on HBO Max.

It is a unique series Produced by Warner Bros. Discoverysince it accompanies the life of the Brazilian sisters Mayla and Sofía, 21 years old, the first twins in the world to undergo sexual reassignment surgery togetheras well as the youngest people in Brazil to undergo this procedure.

Throughout the series, Mayla and Sofía meet again to enjoy vacations, meet old friends again and face new challenges after undergoing a sex reassignment procedure together, in 2021, when they were 19 years old.

+ How many episodes does it have and when does Transgender Twins premiere on HBO Max?

The series, a Brazilian production, arrives on the streaming platform on June 1 to celebrate pride month or LGBTQIA+ pride and has a total of six episodes. The first three chapters will be available at the premiere and the next three will arrive just a week later, on Thursday.

The series follows the lives of Mayla, who is in Buenos Aireswhere he studies medicine while Sofía is in frankin the interior of São Paulo, where he studies engineering.

Conflicts, choices, love, the realization of dreams and the day-to-day struggle for recognition and against prejudice These are some of the topics covered in the reality show.“, says the description of HBO Max.

+ Where are the sisters Mayla and Sofia that Transgender Twins portrays from?

The twins were raised in Tapira, a city in the interior of Minas Gerais, which has 4,000 inhabitants: “the young women have a simple origin, from a humble family that, despite financial and social limitations, always did everything to support and contribute to the dreams of Mayla and Sofia“, notes HBO Max.

The series starts precisely in the city where the twins grew up, where they meet to participate in a beauty contestbeing one of their childhood dreams and where they have the opportunity to work with stylist Michelly X, who is also a trans woman and who has worked with artists like Xuxa and Anitta.

The arrival of the twins in the interior of Minas Gerais, the reunion with their family and the comments of the inhabitants increase the tension with the preparations for the beauty contest. What will the next few days be like?“, deepens HBO Max.