This 3D puzzle from ‘Harry Potter’ recreates one of the best settings in the saga and is now on sale at El Corte Inglés

Although the latest films in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe have not been liked too much, the franchise is still very much alive, and the announcement of the HBO Max series is a good example of this. But there are many of us who cannot wait to see it and we usually remember those classics with which we have grown up, and one of the most emblematic settings can be found in this fantastic ‘Harry Potter’ 3D puzzlewhich commemorates the Diagon Alley and we find it in El Corte Inglés for only 29.95 euros.

Wrebbit3D, Harry Potter: Diagon Alley (450pc), 3D Puzzle, Ages 14+

Wrebbit3D, Harry Potter: Diagon Alley (450pc), 3D Puzzle, Ages 14+

This 3D puzzle has a great number of details and, above all, with a great variety of colours, recreating the setting of ‘Harry Potter’ very well. Its recommended price reaches 39.95 euros in El Corte Inglés, but now we have a 10 euro discount which leaves it at 29.95 euros. Also available at the same price on Amazon.

Buy ‘Harry Potter’ 3d puzzle at the best price

Harry Potter 3d puzzle

The Diagon Alley that we could see in the Harry Potter movies stands out for its great variety of shades, and it is something that is represented very well in this 3D puzzle. It also has a large number of detailssince being a 3D model it comes with relief and different pieces such as lampposts.

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In its whole, includes 450 pieces and a size of 19.5 centimeters wide, 21.5 centimeters high and 55.25 centimeters long. In addition, it has a support so that we can mount it and display it anywhere in our house, something that is appreciated if we are collectors.

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Image | Warner Bros., Wrebbit 3D