The UNMISSSIBLE movie to watch with NICOLAS CAGE on Prime Video

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The Ghost Rider actor leads a psychedelic film for horror lovers to enjoy.

The UNMISSSIBLE movie to watch with NICOLAS CAGE on Prime Video
The UNMISSSIBLE movie to watch with NICOLAS CAGE on Prime Video

Few actors have managed to accumulate as many projects in their career as Nicolas Cage. He has always found a way to get very varied roles, in which he has been able to maximize his characteristic style, loaded with exaggerations that are not to everyone’s liking, but that have earned him a following of faithful followers.

For those who enjoy Nicolas Cagewe have an unmissable recommendation in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video. Is about “The color that fell from the sky” (Color out of space)a production that combines horror and science fiction, with a psychedelic touch and strong influences from the filming style of john carpenter.

The film tells the story of Nathan Gardner and his family, who are affected after a meteor strikes their farm’s front yard. A mutant alien organism infects their minds and bodies, turning their peaceful life into a nightmare.

“The color that fell from the sky” stands out for its extraordinary work of textures and colors, which gradually take over the plot as the organism begins to consume everything in its path on the farm. The film presents a dreamlike approach that avoids offering a simple and digestible interpretation. In addition, the music builds excellent climates that immerse the viewer in the intensity of what is happening on this disturbing farm.

+Who is the director of The Color That Fell From Heaven

The director of this movie is Richard Stanley, who returns to the film industry after 25 years of exile. Previously, Stanley He directed “The Island of Dr. Moreau”a project that included the participation of prominent actors such as Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer. Unfortunately, due to no fault of his own, Stanley was fired from the project, which kept him away from hollywood for a quarter of a century.