The most watched series on Paramount+ Argentina


The streaming platform has great titles in its catalog such as Tulsa King, Yellowstone and Your honor.

The most watched series on Paramount+ Argentina
The most watched series on Paramount+ Argentina

Paramount+the platform of streaming, offers an impressive catalog with a variety of outstanding titles. Among them is Tulsa Kingstarring Sylvester Stalloneas well as your honorheaded by bryan cranston. But one of the great successes of the platform is yellowstonean acclaimed series that continues to receive positive reviews.

It is curious that, despite its quality, none of these productions is the most watched of Paramount+. Currently, the reproduction ranking is led by an animation classic that was created more than 25 years ago.

The most popular series in Paramount+ right now is South Park, which has been on the air since 1997 and has gained fans around the world thanks to its irreverent humor. It has been at the top of the reproductions on the platform for almost a week. streamingcapturing the attention of fans with his unique style.

Completing the podium of most reproduced series in Paramount+ it’s found The Rookie second, followed by yellowstone. Notably yellowstone is one of the two original productions of the platform that is in the top 10. The other is Tulsa Kingwhich ranks seventh in popularity.

+The visit to Argentina for South Park fans

The fans of South Park will have a big surprise in the coming weeks, since the presence of Patty Azanwho gives voice to the character of Cartman in the Latin dubbing. azan will be present at Argentina Comic-Con during the three days of the event, where it will have its own stand. An unmissable opportunity for fans of the animated series.