The intense season finale of ‘Citadel’ puts all the cards on the table. The problem is that the Amazon Prime Video series does not leave you wanting more

‘Citadel’ came to Amazon Prime Video with everything associated with being the second most expensive series in the history of television. Initially he was not, but the need to re-record a multitude of scenes caused his budget to skyrocket and ahead of him in terms of cost we only have ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

From Amazon they always saw in ‘Citadel’ the opportunity to create a new great franchise, so much so that they bet big on it before it was released with the launch of several spin-offs. The first of them will arrive in 2024 and its renewal for a season 2 has also been made official, something logical if we take into account how the end of the first one has been. Another issue is how many people will continue with this universe after an initial installment a bit tasteless.


From its first episode it became clear that ‘Citadel’ was a clear attempt to convert a blockbuster for the big screen into a luxurious television series. Obviously that also entails certain changes in the narrative and adding more things to extend its duration up to six episodes, perhaps being there the most stimulating of the function, but as a concept and not because it shines especially. In fact, one of the big problems with ‘Citadel’ is how generic it is in general lines.

In its own way, ‘Citadel’ is nothing more than a kind of variant of James Bond, with the particularity that here we have two great protagonists instead of one. It’s a pity that between them they don’t even remotely come close in interest or charisma to the mythical British spy created by Ian Fleming, something evident from the first episode and that has been accentuated as the episodes have passed. The only one with a real hook in his cast is a stanley tucci that on top of that has gone from more to less in a shameless way.

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By this I do not mean to say that Richard Madden either Priyanka Chopra Jonas They are wrong, but actors with another rank were necessary if you wanted to elevate characters that in themselves do not stand out especially. It is true that the series tries to play clueless with his memory problems, being there the only real touch of science fiction of the entire function, and creating other unknowns around his motivations, but they never work too well, thus making the big revelations , including the one from the final episode, click to the bone.

Citadel Submarine

That does not mean that this sixth chapter once again shows a remarkable visual display at very specific moments -although there the first episode continues to be the one that shines the most-, but at the moment of truth closed spaces predominate and a slightly watered-down stress treatment, whether it’s with Nadia (Jonas) on the edge with her heart rate going off or with everything going on in the final moments, which feels more like a way of stretching it all out more to expand this franchise attempt than any real kind of resolution. seen so far.

The main problem is the same one that affected the series at all times, and that is that at first glance it may seem like a great spy show with its own rich universe, but things fall apart as soon as one activates the brain a little. And it is that visually it does look better than a typical Netflix blockbusterbut no special care is shown to give it its own entity and from time to time there are certain decisions incomprehensible in a title of these characteristics.

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To that we must add how stiff she feels in dramatic terms, where the appearance of being a deeper and more elaborate work than usual in a blockbuster is sought, but which at the moment of truth feels empty. Its only raison d’être is to fill those gaps in which we are so tired that it is worth having anything in the background, because it is true that it is easily consumed, but enjoying it is another matter.

Season Finale Citadel

I’m not sure that I’m going to go ahead with ‘Citadel’, because the foundations that he has laid to build a franchise seem too flimsy to me -and that great mystery of its first season wanting to be surprising lacks impact both in its approach and in its development and resolution- and there is nothing here that you cannot find in other titles. In fact, it has only served to make me want to see ‘Mission Impossible 7’ even more and to think that let’s see when they choose the new one James Bond

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