The Flash: Controversy with the end of the series

The end of the series of The Flash raises a huge controversy. The situation has gotten so out of control that the showrunner has had to leave.

There is controversy with the end of The Flash series. Showrunner Eric Wallace, who oversaw the DC Comics series for its final three seasons, has pointed to Entertainment Weekly that his original plan was for the series to conclude on episode 200. An episode that would come out in a tenth season.

Eric Wallace’s original response to the news that the series would end before the planned tenth season it was disappointment. “My initial reaction upon learning that it would not only be the final season, but a shortened final season, was bittersweet and very disappointing,” The Flash showrunner said, sparking a huge controversy over the hasty ending. “But we are the lucky ones. We have a year to know that this is the end. So let’s make it the best ending possible.”

The Arrowverso says goodbye with the last episode of the Scarlet Sprinter

The Flash (Arrowverse)
The C.W.

Eric Wallace added that he hopes the end of the flash Give fans a memorable close. And at the same time, he pointed out that the episode involves a lot of things. “I’ve figured out a lot of things in the series finale,” said the Arrowverse showrunner. “It ends on a very hopeful note showing how the future of the Arrowverse could continue in some way or form. I hope it gives people some closure, but also some hope for the future. Because otherwise it’s very sad to think that there will be no Arrowverse after May 24.” The end is just around the corner!

In fact, there won’t be any Arrowverse series left after The Flash says goodbye next week. The CW has new owners and seems to be getting rid of its superhero programming, including Justice U, in development for a long time. A pity to say goodbye to this television universe.