The actress who left Power Rangers to join OnlyFans


The actress Monica May became a trend for going from acting in projects like Power Rangers to opening an OnlyFans account

Actress Monica May became a trend for opening an account on OnlyFans
© @paradox23 Instagram / @Monica MayActress Monica May became a trend for opening an account on OnlyFans

Monica Ray has become a sensation on social networks, after the public remembered that the actress participated in power Rangers and? then became an OnlyFans model and we tell you what is known.

As she herself revealed, It was in 2020 when his life changed, dabbling with uncensored adult content on the platform.: “I started an OnlyFans for all my content, I launched it today with this photo, please subscribe“, he wrote on March 2, 2020 via Twitter.

In an interview with pop cultureMonica said that she found stability in her life thanks to OnlyFans, giving her the opportunity to be herself and to have control over her life and her body, something that she has continued to work as burlesque artist in different parts of the United States, as well as yoga instructor.

+ Who is Monica May and what Power Rangers did she appear in?

LThe actress is originally from Lakeland, Florida, and was born on April 11, 1984.. Monica was the yellow ranger, Elizabeth Z Delgado, in power rangers spdthat aired between 2005 and 2006 and after which he obtained international fame.

In accordance with IMDb, after power rangers spdMonica participated in projects such as Hotel Sweet Hotel: The Adventures of Zack and Cody, Huge Nuclear Potato, battle on the planet and Labouamong other.

Monica’s latest acting projects include the film Acrylic (2020), Alpha Hippie (2017) and The Shickles (2016). Although his foray into onlyfansthe actress’s account is not active at the moment, so it is not clear if she continues to make explicit sexual content for adults.