‘Survivors 2023’ evacuates a contestant and emotionally destroys another for five minutes of fame

Few moments define the damage that public exposure can do as well as that of Ginés, a former tiktoker who put a lot of oil on his sandwiches so that they soak, showing the whatsapps that his daughter has sent him where he tells him “I’ve had it too bad already, make your life and I’ll make mine”. Selling even your underpants for five minutes of television casito. As long as it continues to work in audience (15.8% and 1,494,000 viewers), no one is going to tell it to stop. Luckily, this Sunday more things happened in ‘Survivors’ than this already almost painful plot to see.

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pain and anger

Manuel Cortés, one of the eight remaining contestants, He has been evacuated from the island due to intestinal pain. That does not mean that they have kicked him out of the game, because, at least a priori, he has improved and will only be away from the island for two days. Apparently, the damage was so great that it practically made him double over, but neither has it to do with his old peritonitis nor does it mean goodbye. Come on, nothing returns to nougat and nominations.

Not so much has been lost: on the one hand, the weekly visit, which has been from Adara’s mother, Elena. First, ‘Survivors’ wanted to deceive the contestant by making her believe that her mother had not come and then surprise her and extend the program for a little while longer. After a little test they were able to spend 22 minutes together where all the most typical things were said that you can imagine: you are brave, I am very proud, you are an example as a mother… The truth is, in an environment as toxic as Telecinco’s, even these moments of love are appreciated. Not many.

And for proof, the clash between Adara and Asraf, who, after all a united contest, can be separated at the gates of the final. She reproached him that she felt the stab he was hitting her and that she had been saying “little things” to him for many days, something to which he responded by saying a cursory “Are you saying that I’m doing this for the contest?” Tomorrow we will see more of the anger in question.

Oh yeah: Artúr and Adara had a kind of “first date” for those who buy a folder at this point. The contestant says that he doesn’t like her at all but the truth is that they ended up eating crabs as if he liked her. Oh, l’amour on the Telecinque.

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