‘Survivientes 2023’: the 13th gala brings expelled lies, contestants who have had enough and a lot of general ignorance

On this island, and closer to the end, Anything goes to get attention. Or so Jonan Wiergo must have thought, who asked the contestants to nominate him and the public to cast him in ‘Survivors’ because, even at the gates of the last few weeks, he couldn’t take it anymore in the palapa. Obviously, and to no one’s surprise, He announced that he would hold. It is more than what two people can say after the 13th gala, one for medical reasons and the other for expulsion. But, of course, it has a trick.

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On the street. Or not.

It is clear that they no longer know how to extend ‘Survivors’, the only thing that is really working in Mediaset in recent years (yesterday it pocketed a 17.9% share, surpassing Antena 3 by 6.9%). Add new contestants? Announce that there are immune weeks? Better: that the expulsions are not real at all. On yesterday’s show Raquel Arias became the expelled after being voted for more than Artúr and Manuel, but the program had an ace up its sleeve.

And it is that Carlos Sobera, in a new absence of Jorge Javier Vázquez, announced to him that would become the secret contestant. In other words, she is going to live in the jungle with a camouflage kit and she must do different missions without being seen by her ex-colleagues. If she gets it, she will face an express vote on Thursday with the next expelled. In other words: Between next week and this week, only one person may actually be expelled.


Of course, Raquel has said “Go for it!” without taking into account that he will have to survive seven days with five cans and a matBut hey, the important thing is to be motivated. By the way, the nominees who can face her have been Bosco, Asraf, Artur and Adara. Interestingly, Jonan, the one who asked to be expelled, has gotten rid of the nomination. The plan has turned out well in the end.

Number two

The one who is not experiencing anything similar to a great plan on the island is Manuel Cortés, who has spent the week in the infirmary taking care of an intestinal problem and, after returning and nominating, he had to leave again. Of course, continuing in the contest, in a nonsense that can only be explained if we take into account in the equation the factor “Telecinco needs no one to leave to finish this as late as possible.”


It was Laura Madrueño who announced to the contestant, who came and went continuously, that he was not recovered and needed to continue seeing the medical team to dictate if he has to leave or continue in the contest. After a week away it’s pretty clear what would have to happenBut we’ll see if that’s the case.

By the way, the ones who did throw shit at each other were, once again, Asraf and Adara, who after being the best of friends for a bunch of weeks, now seem to hate each other. She says that the contestant has changed his and her relationship overnight that He has tried to solve it but she does not stop disrespecting him. What a coincidence that this show of force happens just as the final phase is entering. Nothing new under the sun.

general (in)culture

The leader test of the week, which Alma ended up winning, was not as spectacular as the Hell’s Wheel but personally it is my favorite: that of general culture. Adara had a hard time answering questions like “How many sides does a hexagon have?” and Bosco answered “Pinocchio” to the question “What kind of doll was Pinocchio?”, so you can get an idea of ​​the general level. Nothing that surprises us.

The good part is that the drama of Ginés and his family has been very watered down (finally) and the contestant has hardly had a leading role, beyond a clarification from his daughter about why her mother went to Honduras: “It was an act of kindness and life is giving us beautiful and good things”. Having seen what I have seen, I am not so clear, but hey.

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Next week they will stay on the island, managing all the possibilities, five to seven contestants (watch out for the contracts they will be making for the workers in Honduras) and we will see the plots beginning to come to an end. See you there, if Pirate Morgan wants to!