‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ reveals a threatening first image of its final chapter, but MAPPA does not release a pledge about the return of the anime

Since its final season began, ‘Attack on Titan’ (shingeki no kyojin‘) has been getting longer and longer and longer… but it seems that the end of the road is already a little closer. At the beginning of March we received a tremendous capitulation to start this ‘Final Season Part 3’, but unfortunately it is still a bit in suspense when it will arrive the final ending of the anime.

There is not much story left to tell, and right now we have Armin, Mikasa, Levi and his group trying to stop Eren’s Rumble. The end of the series promises to be tremendous, but it is being difficult and MAPPA He is giving us the doses with a small teaspoon.

The last chapter ahead

During the MAPPA Stage 2023the truth is that many of us expected that the study would provide a little more information about shingeki no kyojin‘, and we haven’t gone empty by a little. We are still waiting for the trailer and for it to tune in a bit with the release date, but at least the studio has left us a first promotional image of the end of the anime.

SNK Finalseason Part3

The image does not show much, with a cabin and a landscape that seems quite idyllic except for the two shadows of titans that come over. In Mappa’s message you can read a “So long, Eren”and the alarms of fans who continue to hope that the anime will have a different ending than the manga have already gone off again (although at this point there is little room for manoeuvre, really).

"Anime Original Ending": the burning nail that disappointed fans of 'Shingeki no Kyojin' continue to cling to after the controversial ending of the manga

MAPPA still does not get completely wet with the release date, although it has already been confirmed that the end of ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ will be released in fall 2023. This is, in the anime season covering October and December… and seeing that the study is at the top, it should not be ruled out that they rush until almost, almost the end of the year.

The Final Season Part 3 has been a bit unusual, because instead of having a small batch of episodes, it has been divided into two halves with two longer special chapters. The chapter that premiered in March lasted an hour, so it’s very likely that the end of the series will also be around that long to end the anime well and leave with a bang.

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