Shakira’s song that moved Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife

Shakira’s song that moved Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife



Georgina Rodríguez had a nice reaction to a song by Shakira that talks about love for children. Find out everything!

Shakira and Georgina
© GettyShakira and Georgina

This last time was self-referential for Shakira regarding his music since the session he shared with bizarre dedicating a spicy letter to his ex-partner Gerard Piqué until you get to Acrostica theme composed from the depths of the soul because it speaks of a mother’s love for her children, something that always moves especially those women who feel identified with that situation.

Shakira recorded the video clip of Acrostic together with their children, Sasha and Milan, who even dared to sing a few words of the song that so moved the admirers of the Colombian singer. Although there was also room for controversy because the Spanish artist Paula Mattheus suggested that the new success of Shakira It’s very similar to a song of his titled I told you for real.

Shakira’s song that moved Georgina Rodríguez

The truth is that in the world of music there were more praise than criticism with words in favor like those of Karol G who sentenced: “There is nothing more beautiful than really feeling” to which was added the Colombian actress Xylena Aycardi who expressed: “This letter that touches one to the bones, soul and heart made me cry”both representative opinions of what happens with Acrostic.

In this sense, a well-known model throughout the world shared her experience with the song of Shakira. We refer to Georgina Rodriguezcouple of Cristiano Ronaldo, who since last year has had her own reality show that follows her in her professional experience as well as in more personal moments. The Argentine also felt identified with the emotional song.

Georgina Rodriguez shared a video on social networks where she is seen listening Acrostic with her little 5-year-old daughter, Alana Martinawhich at that moment tells him: “Mom, you’re not pretty. You are beautiful!”. Then the model, surely moved by the beautiful situation that she had to live, asked the girl why she had said that and the little girl responded eloquently: “You are the best mother”.