Series similar to DEATH NOTE to watch NOW on CRUNCHYROLL


These are some anime that you can find streaming and that will catch you like Death Note did

Death Note is available on various platforms, such as Crunchyroll
© IMDBDeath Note is available on various platforms, such as Crunchyroll

If you like me Death Notewhich you can find on several platforms, one of them being crunchyrollwe tell you about others Five anime that will catch you just like this one did.

What is it about Death Note?: “When a Japanese student comes into possession of a mystical notebook, he discovers that it has the power to kill anyone whose name he writes in it.“.

+ Attack on Titan

The anime has six seasons available on Crunchyroll and the plot develops when the Humanity was on the verge of extinction with the appearance of giant creatures that devoured everyone.

Humans managed to survive in a city with high walls where they found a peace that is threatened by discovering what the Titans are and how they appeared.

+ Jujutsu Kaisen

In this series, the negative feelings of humans become Curses, which haunt lives daily and move through the worldleading people to misfortune and leading them to death, but only one curse can exorcise another.

+Hunter X Hunter

Official synopsis: “Gon, a young man who lives on Whale Island, dreams of becoming a hunter like his father was, who left when Gon was still a child.“.

+ Tokyo Revengers

Official synopsis: “Takemichi Hanagaki is a worker who has hit rock bottom in life. He then discovers that the only girlfriend he ever had, in his high school years, the young Hinata Tachibana, has died at the hands of the Tokyo Manji gang. The day he discovers the news of her death, he is at the train station when someone pushes him onto the tracks. He closes his eyes thinking that he is about to die, but when he opens them, without knowing how, he has gone back 12 years in time. He will now be able to relive those days that he considered the best of his life and Takemichi will try to take revenge on his life.“.

+ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The anime follows two brothers, who broke the laws of alchemy, so one lost half of his bodywhich was replaced by mechanical parts while the other was turned into a soul bound to an armor. Both will look for a way to recover their bodies and their mother.