Series and movies similar to JAW OF THE NIGHT to watch on NETFLIX

Series and movies similar to JAW OF THE NIGHT to watch on NETFLIX



These are other similar projects if you liked the movie starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. stars in the Netflix movie
© NetflixJorge Lendeborg Jr. stars in the Netflix movie

Maw of Night came to Netflix in 2020 with a mix of fantasy and thriller which are ideal to watch at any time, so if you liked the tape starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr.we recommend you five similar series and movies that you can also find on the streaming platform.

In this film, a young college boy works as a driver to earn extra money, so he picks up two mysterious women who are planning a night out in various corners of Los Angeles. When he discovers the nature of his passengers, he has no choice but to fight for his life.

+ The First Death

This is one 8 episode series released in 2022 on Netflix, created by Victoria Schwab and starring Sarah Catherine Hook, imani lewis and elizabeth mitchell. The plot follows the teenagers Juliette and Calliope, who fall in love, but one is a vampire and the other a vampire hunterwhich will complicate absolutely everything.


This is a 2017 movie starring Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace what mix fantasy and action when A human cop and his orc partner stumble upon a powerful item and a prophesied war begins in Los Angeles..

+ Legion of Angels

This is a fantasy movie, starring paul bettany, Lucas Black and Tyrese Gibson in which a group of survivors lives in a post-apocalyptic world without knowing that among them lives a person who has the Messiah inside.

+ Vampires

This is one six-part series starring Oulaya Amamra (divine) and Suzanne clement (The forest), based on a novel by Thierry Jonquetin which A half-human, half-vampire teenager from Paris confronts her powers and family difficulties as she is hunted by a community of vampires.

+ The School of Good and Evil

This is a fantasy movie starring Sophia Anne Caruso, Sofia Wylie and Charlize Theron which follows the bond between two best friends, which is put to the test when they are sent to a school for future fairy tale heroes and villains. The movie is based on the bestselling books by Soman Chainani.