Review of The Little Mermaid, a live-action Disney that is charming and captivating

Going to the movies is always gratifying, especially if a movie with which one has low expectations surprises you, catches you and, above all, is charming. That same thing happened to me The little Mermaida live-action from which, definitely, I did not expect anything, but it gave me everything. Not only by reliving my childhood, but by showing me, once again, the magic of cinema.

Disney is magic and so are its stories, but sometimes, when they change as time goes by, they don’t finish convincing the viewer. And this was what led to The little Mermaid to generate controversy before its premiere. However, definitively, I can say that we are before one of the best live-action so far.

Beyond the fact that the story is the same with Ariel as the protagonist, in this version the emotion is the most evident and important. This is, without a doubt, a great success that the script has. Filled with sentimentality, showing Ariel being dramatic and bored with her life under the sea, this script is as fluid as it is dramatic and spontaneous.

But, as if this were not enough, you always have to add a great actor to a great script because words don’t shine if they aren’t thanks to a good performance. And the same happens with halle bailey. The actress, despite having faced all kinds of criticism, gave the best version of herself. Although, at times, she overacts some expressions and sayings, the rest is brilliant.

She is funny, personable and has an exceptional voice. Also, of course, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric accompanies Halle in a way that, with their chemistry, crosses the screen. Her love is overwhelming, as is the sadness with which they face their separation from her, the lies and the wickedness of the witch Ursula sublimely interpreted by Melissa McCarthy.

That is, on this side, the live action of The little Mermaid It has been a spectacular success of Disney. But, as if this were not enough, there is also the fact that it is so sentimental when playing with the memories of all spectators who grew up with the original story, as it is in my case, which is emotional. The music, which perfectly accompanies each moment, and its staging are also a great combo for this adaptation.

However, beyond the brilliant and captivating of this live-action there is something that has failed, but that is definitely the same: the edition of the cartoon. Of course, as in the original tape, many of the characters that appear are drawings, especially those of Sebastian and Flounder. As, of course, the rest of the members who live under the sea.

It was there where the edition failed, taking away an iota of emotion from the plot. The representation that was made of each one makes it clear that it is nothing more than fiction, thus breaking with the fact that one can belong, in an imaginary way, to history.

Even so, the emotion, the music, the performances and even some visual effects are bearable, pleasant and joyful. Very worthy of a Disney movie, which will know how to become a cinematographic success by breaking down barriers. The magic is still intact by managing to reborn the inner child of all of us who grew up with this film and who, today, will be able to share it with new generations from a different perspective.