Review of FUBAR, the new Arnold Schwarzenegger series on Netflix that excites and disappoints at the same time

Review of FUBAR, the new Arnold Schwarzenegger series on Netflix that excites and disappoints at the same time


In recent times, Netflix has been characterized as one of the platforms with the most quality content in its catalog. However, sometimes things can go wrong and that obviously happened with FUBAR. The new series of arnold schwarzenegger It hit the platform on May 25, and despite the fact that my expectations for this story were too high, I ended up completely disappointed.

To tell you the truth, who doesn’t enjoy arnold schwarzenegger action packed? AND FUBAR was sold like this: an action-comedy series with the actor as its main character. But, anyway, his interpretation doesn’t work, neither does the story and the production in general much less.

In FUBAR Schwarzenegger plays Luke Brunner, a seasoned CIA agent who is about to retire, but as his retirement kicks in, the agency needs him again to rescue an undercover operative who finds himself in trouble because of the bond of Brunner with the leader of the criminal gang can help the CIA agent to get out of said operation safe and sound.

However, in the process of this rescue, Luke uncovers family secrets and, as he watches his relationship with his daughter be destroyed in the process, he takes it upon himself to finish his jobs at the agency. And, even though the story is not an innovation for a series, it could have worked perfectly if the rest fit the same level of the plot.

Beyond the fact that it is a story that could well be captivating, with two well-defined fronts: family and work, it does not generate the necessary point of interest. Although it does maintain a certain intrigue, especially at the end of each chapter where obviously the closure is enough to make the viewer want to see another episode, it is not enough. This is, more than anything, because there is no fluidity, the performances are disappointing and the staging is even worse.

Even though you see arnold schwarzenegger working in action is always gratifying, his 75 years played against him this time. In several scenes, not only is his overacting noticeable, but also how lazy they are, the moments of action. And that, without a doubt, is what leaves the pattern that he is no longer for this type of role.

In any case, it should be noted that in the comic side that his character has, he manages to strike a balance. The failures at the action level are not so evident when a metaphor or a bad joke gets in the way of the script because it manages to distend the viewer in this way. On the other hand, The one who did know how to balance comedy and action is Mónica Barbaro.

The actress gives life to Emma, ​​the daughter of Luke and, to act alongside an icon of the 80s of this genre, she has managed to live up to it. Although the development of the series is not favorable for the construction of a great character like the one she embodies, she does her best and succeeds. Because it is she who gives dynamism to the plot.

On the other hand, in terms of locations, without a doubt Netflix has given the best of itself and its budget so that the production has different scenes in different parts of the world. But, even so, the edition has not been entirely favorable for the level of its staging, thus losing the credibility of the action scenes.

In any case, it should be noted that in its eight episodes, which make up the first season, FUBAR It has made an acceptable combination of drama, action and comedy. And, beyond its notable flaws, it is a series that marks the return of arnold schwarzenegger in a pleasant way and that found the perfect formula so that, in each episode, it is decided to continue it.