¡Que Viva México!: This is the explained ending of the Netflix movie


If the end of the political satire made by Luis Estrada was not clear to you, we will explain it to you right here so that you have no doubts about what happened to the protagonists.

The tape has an ending that has left some of its viewers confused, so in this article we tell you what happened at the end of the film.
© @quevivamexico_cabronesThe tape has an ending that has left some of its viewers confused, so in this article we tell you what happened at the end of the film.

ohHurray Mexico! by director Luis Estrada is one of the Netflix films that has caused the greatest furor on the platform, so we will answer your questions and we will explain the end of this tapewhich continues to be one of the most viewed on the platform.

But first, we will tell you what the tape is about and then talk about its outcome: the film addresses the story of Pancho Reyes (Alfonso Herrera), a middle class man who left his town and forgot about his family, however, one day he finds out that his grandfather, the prosperous miner Don Francisco Reyes has died and Pancho could be his heir. And moved by greed, he returns to his town, La Prosperidad, to try to recover something that he believes is his, which arouses the lowest passions of his family, with whom he begins an all-out war for the inheritance.

This is the explained ending of ¡Que Viva México!

In the final minutes of ¡Que Viva México! we see how Pancho returns to his company but this time he is working as a cleaner to later return home and run into his family. However, this is a dream since in reality his relatives have already lived with him for some time. And with Pancho returning to his work the tape ends, however there is more.

To begin with, Pancho’s life has already changed since now he not only lives with his nuclear family, but also now carries his extended family., which you must maintain since they all live in the same house. In addition, it must be taken into account that the protagonist lost the inheritance for various reasons. In this way, now everyone must live and work together in order to recover some of the well-being they once dreamed of.

In this way, long live Mexico! It ends with a kind of moral in which Pancho initially wanted to keep his grandfather’s inheritance. However, now without the inheritance, he will have to live with his relatives with whom he fought in the film, but who will now be his only resource to get ahead. As you can see, it’s a somewhat discouraging ending, but it serves as a lesson to show that ambition can take us to very unfortunate places.