‘Pokémon’ exists in the world of ‘One Piece’ (and is also one of the most read manga)

One of the reasons ‘One Piece’ is so fascinating is because of the intricate lore it has created. Eiichiro Oda for your world. Each island we visit has its own characteristic history and culture, and each territory is vibrant and full of life.

Within One Piece‘ There are the legends, the myths, and even newspaper and music stars like Soul King or Uta. And of course we also have illustrated stories and manga that break sales records.

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Oda often takes the opportunity to answer questions from his fans in a section of the compiled volumes known as “SBS” (from “Shitsumon o Boshoo Suru”… which means something like “I accept questions”). And in one of the most recent, the mangaka confirmed that in fact ‘Pokémon’ and other manga exist in the world of ‘One Piece’.

“Picture books or ‘illustrated stories’ exist in ‘One Piece’. They’re just picture books, but think of these stories as the manga of the ‘One Piece’ world,” Oda explained. “Because the concept of speech bubbles doesn’t exist, the story is told through text and dialogue in a panel, similar to manga”

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“Some famous titles in the world of ‘One Piece’ include: ‘Sora, the Warrior of the Sea’, ‘Fire Dog’, ‘Pokeemon’, ‘Monkey Ball’ and ‘Marco-san’, the mangaka finished.

Sora One Piece

We have already seen a little of the adventures of Sora against Germa66, so it should not be ruled out that in the future we will see some reference to these other stories in the anime. Who knows, we might end up having another crossover with ‘Dragon Ball’, even if it’s with a monkey on a flying cloud.