Marvel’s annus horribilis continues: another movie forced to stop filming until the writers’ strike ends

The writers’ strike is claiming more victims in the form of Marvel movies. Although Ryan Reynolds already announced that they would go ahead with the plans for ‘Deadpool 3’ (despite the fact that he cannot put blood sausages in the script), ‘Blade’ stopped production just before it started, confirming that it is a cursed film. Now it is ‘Thunderbolts’, as if he had little with the discouragement of the fans, the one that announces his break. Not his year, definitely.

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Justice, like thunder!

In mid-June, the filming of the new Marvel superhero team was going to start in Atlanta, but finally it will not be like that. And not because the script isn’t finished or because the actors can’t improvise, but because the pickets are making it very difficult to record without any kind of problem. Fourteen days ago, the studio said it wasn’t afraid for the movie, but Right now the reality is quite another. And there is still a long way to go before this ends.

‘Thunderbolts’, in its film version (not comics) is a kind of ‘Avengers’ a bit poor with supporting characters from other movies together, like a kind of Marvelite ‘Suicide Squad’. They will be Winter Soldier, Black Widow (the new one, that is, Florence Pugh), Red Guardian, John Walker, Ghost and Taskmaster. A good handful of familiar faces in a group that, in the absence of knowing the tone they will use, does not end up thrilling the fans.

It’s not the only thing Marvel has stopped until the strike is over (and it looks like we’ll be going beyond the summer at this rate): ‘Wonder man’, her new series, has been forced to pick up and go home in the middle of filming. A priori, the strike will change a good handful of release dates that we know of, and in the case of Marvel it may lead to ‘Fantastic Four’, for example, being recorded after the scheduled date, January of next year. All of Hollywood is still waiting for an agreement… that the studios don’t seem to have the job of signing.