Marvel announces very bad news about his new movie

The new Marvel Studios movie does not have good news. It seems that the studio fails to raise its head in this Phase 5 of the UCM.

Marvel has announced very bad news about his new movie. Thunderbolts has become the latest MCU production to be affected by the current Hollywood writers’ strike. The film is one of several projects that will make up the studio’s Phase 5 and will be directed by Jake Schreier (Paper cities). With a cast made up of various antiheroes from the fictional universe and a premiere scheduled for July 2024, it was expected that thunderbolts It will start shooting in a matter of weeks. Apparently, these forecasts are not going to be fulfilled after the latest news.

In the midst of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike for fair wages, Deadline has reported that Marvel Studios Is Crippling Thunderbolts before its start of production. Filming will resume once the strike ends. thunderbolts thus joins other UCM productions such as Blade, wonder man and Daredevil: Born Again as projects that have been affected by the writers’ strike. A strike that has been going on since May 2 and currently has no end in sight.

What will happen to ‘Thunderbolts’ from now on?

Thunderbolts (Marvel Studios)
The filming of ‘Thunderbolts’ (2024) is paralyzed until further notice

As it was planned that the filming of thunderbolts starts in a few weeks, the script will most likely be finished. Which gives the impression that the movie can go ahead at the same time as the strike. However, it’s rare for productions to shoot exactly what’s on the page when the cameras start rolling. On-set rewrites are common, especially when it comes to big Marvel productions.. WGA scriptwriters are stepping back from all writing-related duties, including rewrites. Therefore, shooting can be stopped even when all the scripts are apparently finished.