Kisses, Kitty: Who is Simon in the Netflix series?


The end of XO, Kitty has sparked curiosity among fans of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Who was this man in Eve’s past?

Kisses, Kitty, the spin-off of To All the Boys I've Loved Before
© COURTESY OF NETFLIXKisses, Kitty, the spin-off of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Among the most popular series of Netflix right now, stands out above the rest Kisses, Kitty. It is a spin-off based on To all the boys I fell in love withthe trilogy inspired by the novels of Jenny Han. Now the protagonist is Kitty Song Covey, a young matchmaker who thinks she knows everything about love. But there are some issues to resolve both for her and for the users of the streaming platform: Who is simon?

Starring anna cathcart, this romantic comedy has ten episodes and shows the teenager in the middle of a love crisis. “Kitty travels halfway around the world to see her boyfriend and realizes that relationships are much more complicated when your heart is at stake.”, indicates the Netflix synopsis.

+ Kisses, Kitty: Who is Simon?

SPOILER ALERT! Its open ending has left big questions. And it is that in the last scene, Kitty is seen on her return flight to Portland, Oregon, after being expelled from KISS for living in the boys’ room for the entire semester. By way of support, director Jina Lim gives him a gift from her. She, this woman, had been a companion of Eve -Kitty’s mother- in the 90s. She Then, she gives her a letter that the teenage version of Eve wrote to Jina and that she has never opened.

“My world got so much bigger. Thanks to you. And for Simon”, point to the text. This aroused the curiosity of fans of the Jenny Han universe. However, the protagonist Anna Cathcart revealed in dialogue with TUDUM that the inclusion of this name was a last-minute decision by the showrunner Sascha Rothchild.

“She was like: Let’s put a name on it. It’s more fun. Let’s go with Simon’”Cathcart recounted. And he added: “There was always a boy on the chart and a boy in Eve’s life that Kitty was going to be curious about.”. And it is that, although at the moment it is an enigma for both the audience and the character, it will serve as one of the keys to develop a potential season 2.