Jodie Comer and David Harbor go to the video game to star in ‘Alone in the Dark’, the remake of the father of survival horror

Do you like movies and you don’t hate the world of videogames? Are you already graying hair and have a long history with the controller —or the keyboard and mouse— in your hands? Yours is terror? If you have answered affirmatively to all three questions, you may be in luck, because one of the parents of the survival horror has reinvented itself, and has signed two Hollywood stars for the occasion.

Cinema and videogames, again hand in hand

According to the official PlayStation blog, nothing less than Jodie Comer —’Killing Eve’— and david harbor —’Stranger Things’— have been chosen for star in the remake of ‘Alone in the Dark’the Infogrames classic published in 1992 that this time has been reimagined by the people of THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive.

Comer and Harbor will be in charge of bring to life the new Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby respectively; a woman in search of answers about the disappearance of her uncle and the private detective in charge of investigating it in the gloomy Derceto mansion.

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Of course, the duo will soon find themselves embroiled in an adventure with echoes of the work of great authors such as HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe full of indescribable creatures, curses and various cosmic horrors that has been washed its face —and in what way— for the occasion and that will combine puzzles, combat and a narrative that will once again unite the seventh art and the world of videogames in a fantastic looking title.

‘Alone in the Dark’, whose prologue entitled ‘Grace in the Dark’ is now available to immerse us in its oppressive atmosphere, It will go on sale on October 25 of this same 2023and it will do so on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and on PC.