James Cameron Writes A New Terminator Movie Influenced By Artificial Intelligence

James Cameron Writes A New Terminator Movie Influenced By Artificial Intelligence



James Cameron confirmed that he is already working on the script for a new Terminator movie but it will take a while for it to hit the movies.

The Terminator from Dark Fate
© IMDbThe Terminator from Dark Fate

Terminator is one of the most successful franchises in the history of the seventh art that integrates the great filmography of its creator, James Cameron, a man who turns everything he touches into success. Examples? titanic, Avatar and the sequel Aliens. In the case of the murderous cyborg movie from the future, his choice of arnold schwarzenegger in the skin of the unstoppable machine was one of the most successful castings.

We must recognize that the first two installments of Terminator They are masterpieces, but from the movie released in 1991 things went downhill for the saga. The third installment that introduces a woman as the antagonist of the film did not live up to the films that started this story. Worse still were the performances of Terminator: Salvation, Terminator: Genesis and Terminator: Dark Fate. In all cases these stories remained in good intentions with interesting action sequences but without the soul of the originals.

Is the Terminator coming back?

However there is good news for fans of Terminator and it is that the very James Cameronspeaking in the Dell Technologies World 2023, confirmed to those present that he is already working on a new script based on the characters of this franchise that came to mark more than one generation if we take into account that the first film dates from the 80s. More certainties? The filmmaker’s work in this regard began three months ago.

Surprises about what we can expect from a new movie Terminator: James Cameron assured that he wants to wait a while and see how the Artificial Intelligences Today they are on everyone’s lips due to the exceptional returns they obtain both by writing articles and producing images and videos or helping their users to understand texts. It seems that the person responsible for titanic he wants to find inspiration in a world totally different from his first experience at the helm of the franchise.

While promoting the hugely successful Avatar: The Way of Water at the end of last year, James Cameron assured in a conference that he was talking about the possibility of a restart of Terminator although there was still nothing concrete about it. Today we can tell you that the filmmaker is already thinking of a new story for the character but his commitments to the saga of Avatar will lead him to work on three more sequels about the na’vi and probably make the next one Terminator It is a tape that will reach the cinema after several years.