Impressions of a traitor: Carlos, we do not forget you

From the X-Men to the Inhumans through the Justice League and the Avengers. And the Fantastic Four, Flash, Dark Guard, Bishop, Excalibur, Justice Society, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman, Iberia Inc., Kang, Batman, Green Lantern, Thor, Ultron, Arrowsmith, Cable, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Conan…And more, many (many) more. The list is endless. time passes but we can never forget Carlos Pacheco. How to do it? His art has been with us (and is with us) for decades and has always managed to surprise us.

When it seemed that he had reached his best moment, he would improve again and leave us once again with our mouths open. It didn’t matter if it was a character or another, if it was a publisher or another, if it was with a scriptwriter or another, his work was always magnificent.

Just as magnificent as him, there is no other way to refer to Carlos. Magnificent, stupendous, close, funny… Wow, it just so happens that there are other ways of referring to him. Ask anyone lucky enough to befriend him, ask his close friends, his fellow professionals, the fans who chatted with him at signing sessions, ask and they’ll all tell you the same thing. He was one of those people you can’t dislike, there was no such option, it was just like that.

A few months have passed and we have gotten used to losing, knowing that his pencils will be eternal but that we will never see new lines coming from his hand. We keep reading, we always will, and luckily in our collection (in everyone’s) there is a good portion of Carlos Pacheco.

That’s it, that’s all. That’s all, it goes without saying, much was said at the time. I’m going to read always avengers. And JLA / JSA: Sins and Virtues. And then…

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