HBO continues to liquidate its jewels and announces the end of ‘How to with John Wilson’: season 3 of the excellent docuseries already has a trailer and a release date

What an end to an era that we are having at HBO and I am not just referring to the next (well, in the United States it is already effective) HBO Max brand change. And it is that if two of his great series (‘Barry’ and ‘Succession’) end this Sunday, this week we have learned that also closes his comic docuseries ‘How to With John Wilson’ after three seasons.

This has been announced by the chain revealing the trailer and the premiere date of this season 3 of the program whose last episodes will debut from 28 of July. Some final deliveries in which, among other things, we will explore how to find a public bathroom, how to exercise or how to clean your ears.

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Humanity according to Wilson

All this with the unique style of John Wilson who, through these themes, delves into the human condition, in solitude and in the conditions of the moment that it takes us to live in a way that is as fun as it is brilliant. A project that, according to Wilson acknowledges in the press release, could have been eternal:

As we started working on Season 3, I found myself excited to think of it as the last. It ended up opening up a lot of storytelling possibilities that hadn’t been available to us before and gave us the freedom to try really ambitious things.

While a part of me would be happy to do the ‘How To’ indefinitely, I pride myself on trying to make the style and image look amazing, and I’d rather finish the series while it remains the case. Thematically, we also think we’ve reached a vanishing point towards the end and it seems like a natural place to exit.”

In this way it is clear that it is more Wilson’s decision than HBO’s to end the series this summer. ‘How to with John Wilson’ it premiered last 2020 and already then it earned a place among our favourites. This final season features Nathan Fielder, Michael Koman and Clark Reinking, with whom he worked on ‘Nathan For You’ as executive producers.

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