"give them just one". Elizabeth Olsen Has Some Advice For New Actors Signing On To Marvel

You know when you enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you don’t know when you will leave. Take, for example, what happened to Elizabeth Olsen, who began playing Wanda Maximoff ten years ago, in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and she ended up starring in her own series and being the villain, already fully converted into Scarlet Witch, during ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’. She now has advice for future superhero wannabes.

I am increasingly fed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of the disproportion between the overdose of hours of Phase 4 and its narrative development

One and no more, Saint Thomas

Olsen does not have a contract with Marvel, something similar to what happens to Don Cheadle: if the company needs them, they call them, and if all the schedules fit, they make the film. And if not, then no. We will probably see more Scarlet Witch in the future (especially after the rumored ‘Vision quest’) but her future is up in the air. The actress, eye, prefers it that wayas he said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Give them just one. You have more control. If you say “Oh my gosh, I’ve had more fun than ever, I love this character, I want to do it again” now you have more creative control for the next movie.

Considering that Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, Sebastian Stan or Benedict Cumberbatch signed a multi-film deal that they may (or may not) regret, Olsen opted for the easy way out: If they want me back, they pay more money. Of course, the actress does not know if there is more Scarlet Witch on the horizon. All she can say is “I hope so”. Of course, without contracts ahead, just in case.