FUBAR: the reference to Terminator in the Arnold Schwarzenegger series that few noticed


FUBAR, the new Netflix series, pays homage to action classics like Predator. Learn everything about Schwarzenegger’s debut on the small screen!

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in FUBAR.
© CHRISTOS KALOHORIDIS/NETFLIXArnold Schwarzenegger stars in FUBAR.

FUBAR arrived on Netflix! After an extensive film career, arnold schwarzenegger debuted in a television series by the streaming giant. With 8 episodes available on the streaming platform, the actor once again led an action story that he presented nods to his greatest productionsincluding Terminator. But only very few users noticed it.

On this occasion, fiction has as showrunner Nick Santora and addresses family dynamics within a global context of spies, action and humor. What is it about exactly? Its official synopsis reads: “UA retiring CIA agent discovers a family secret and is forced back into action for one last mission.”.

In this way, Santora presented small tributes to Schwarzenegger’s classics. “You can’t duplicate a classic. You shouldn’t try it, because people will see what you are trying to do and you will fail. I think you have to do something original and new, and FUBAR is original and new.”, pointed out the showrunner in dialogue with TUDUM.

In this sense, in the numbers of cases in the files of FUBAR Schwarzenegger’s character serial number was included in Terminatorthe plate number of Kindergarten Cops and even the registration of Last Action Hero. Thats not all! Predator He also had his tribute in episode 2 of FUBAR. And it is that when Luke and Emma are undercover on a train and see a helicopter approaching, the actor shouts “chopper”, something that also happens in predator.

Also, in episode 6, when Luke is reunited with his ex-wife Tally, the song is used.n I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos, which also played in the film Twins in a very similar scene. Finally, in episode 8 the phrase is used: “That’s it and that’s it“, which belongs to Throw Momma from the Train.