First look at “Citadel: Diana”, the Citadel spin-off on Prime Video

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Matilda De Angelis will star in the series set in Italy under the production of brothers Joe and Anthony Russo. How will the Spyverse expand?

Priyanka Chopra Jonas stars in Citadel.
© Jonathan Prime/Prime VideoPriyanka Chopra Jonas stars in Citadel.

After great expectation, Citadel came to an end in Prime Video. The series produced by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo -and starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas– aired its sixth and final episode on the streaming platform this Friday. However, the story will not end here, since its second season and a spin-off that will be titled Citadel: Diana and that it will arrive in 2024.

The series, which has a budget of 200 million dollars, began its development in 2018 with the promise of becoming a global franchise. This is how the central plot arrived, which is set eight years after the fall of Citadel, the world spy agency, in charge of maintaining the safety of all people. The institution has been destroyed by Manticore, a powerful syndicate that manipulates the planet from the shadows.

The history of the elite agents was a success and just a few hours ago they confirmed that it will return with a new installment. But, in addition, it was announced that the “Spyverse” -the universe in which this franchise takes place- will expand with the arrival of Citadel: Dianawhich will have Matilda De Angelis as protagonist.

+ What will Citadel: Diana be like on Prime Video?

At the end of episode 6 of Citadela preview notes: Diana reveals an exciting look at what’s to come as the Citadel Spyverse expands with the next chapter.”. This is how the first glimpse of this spin-off which will star the actress who recently shone on Netflix with The Law of Lidia Poët.

The fiction was created, produced and filmed in Italy and ended earlier this year. While the direction was in charge of Arnaldo Catinarithe showrunner was Alessandro Fabbriwho wrote the series with Ilaria Bernardini, Laura Colella, Gianluca Bernardini and Giordana Mari. Also, the cast will include Lorenzo Cervasio, Maurizio Lombardi, Julia Piaton, Thekla Reuten, Daniele Paoloni, Bernhard Schütz and Filippo Nigro.