Does BTS appear in Kisses, Kitty? Netflix’s new hit


The 10-episode series is now available on Netflix.

Kisses, Kitty has several references to k-pop in her music
© PARK YOUNG-SUN/NETFLIXKisses, Kitty has several references to k-pop in her music

Netflix successfully released the romantic comedy Xo, Kitty either kisses kittythe spin off of To all the boys I fell in love with and the story features several references to K-pop, including BTS, so we tell you if the musicians appear in the series or there are only references to them.

And it is that the films, which were starring Noah Centineo and Lana Condor, introduced us to Kitty, Lara’s younger sister, who now has her own story and follows the teenager, who says she is going to study in South Korea.

official synopsis of Kisses, Kitty: “A new love story is written when Kitty, the young matchmaker, is reunited with her long-distance boyfriend at the same boarding school her late mother attended.“.

+ Does BTS appear in XO, Kitty, in which chapter do they appear?

The series takes place in the K-pop mecca, which is why the band is on the soundtrack of the series, the members do not have a physical appearance as such in the Netflix series, but their music does.

BTS’s appearance is in the first episode, when one of their songs comes out “Telepathywho welcomes Kitty, when she arrives in South Korea and the young woman misses her bus.

Although the members of BTS do not appear physically in the series, who did have a cameo was the singer and rapper Ok Taec-yeon, from 2PMwho has appeared in other series such as Cinderella’s Sister, Dream High, let’s fight, Ghost and Vincent.

The series’ playlist is full of K-pop references, including bands like stray kids, ITZY, SEVENTEEN, twice, blackpink, Somi, wonho and more.

Kisses, Kittywith a total of 10 episodes, is now available on Netflix. The series starring anna cathcart (To all the boys I fell in love with), minyoung choi (Dream Palace) and gia kim (happy ending)