Captain America 4: Filter the image of the new Marvel villains!

Captain America 4: Filter the image of the new Marvel villains!


What a piece of villains! The filming of Captain America 4 lets us see what the new enemies of Marvel Studios are like, and they are amazing.

They have filtered the image of the new villains of Marvel Studios in Captain America 4. Fans can now take a look at the New World Order team of villains. Everything has arisen thanks to a new video of the production of this new installment of the Sentinel of Liberty at the UCM. The video is available on social networks. We share this video below, taken directly from Twitter.

In the video you see two members of the Serpent Society shooting a scene on the set of Captain America 4. One of the characters is played by Seth Rollins and the other by an actress whose identity remains a mystery. The actor couple appears to be wearing green and brown, similar to some of the looks of the Marvel Comics villain gang. However, these costumes seem almost recluse-like, rather than the typical superhero leggings and spandex the character often wears in cartoons.

A movie full of villains and enemies

It’s rare that a single hero has to take on an entire band of great villains. But it seems that Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson will have his hands pretty full in Captain America 4. Fans of the Serpent Society from the Marvel comics know that this team of super villains is not limited to two, but usually five or six members. So, as production on New World Order progresses, audiences will be able to take a look at this list of snake-themed villains and antagonists.

Captain America 4 (Marvel Studios)

And not only will have to face the Serpent Society. the villain of The incredible HulkThe Leader, played by Tim Blake Nelson, will return after 16 years away from the franchise in Captain America 4. There are even rumors that the new version of General Thunderbolt Ross, played by Harrison Ford, could be an antagonistic force in the next Marvel Studios movie.