Believe it or not, these are the brutal Lionsgate+ premieres in June

Believe it or not, these are the brutal Lionsgate+ premieres in June


These are the great productions that will arrive at Lionsgate+ in June 2023. Nacho and The Great are the main highlights.

Yes ok lionsgate+ It is not yet widely recognized worldwide, large productions will reach the platform. High-quality original series featuring renowned Hollywood actors such as The Great (starring Nicholas Hoult and Elle Fanning) stand out.

In addition, international titles have been produced to reach audiences in various parts of the world. Nacho, based on the life of Spanish Nacho Vidal, is one that stands out. A similar case is that of Miss 89, made in Mexico.

This is the catalog that brings together most of the services such as Peacock either huluwhich only work in the United States.

Sisi season 2

Sisi follows the extraordinary life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Told from the perspective of her closest confidantes, the series takes a fresh look at the empress’s life, revealing a multi-layered woman with a fascinating attitude, courage and contradictions. Young Sisi becomes Empress Elisabeth, a woman living an extraordinarily difficult life on her own terms: self-assured, free, independent, and willing to pay the price for it. With a new episode every Friday, the grand finale will be the June 16.

The Capture

Britain is cornered: hacked news, manipulated media and interference in politics. Entrenched in the UK’s own corrections unit, Inspector Rachel Carey finds herself in the middle of a new conspiracy with a new target. But how can she solve this case, if she can’t even trust her closest colleagues?

The second season continues the narrative of the first, released in 2020, a thriller Captured on the city’s CCTV cameras, the new six chapters include those ‘invisible’ killers, the terrifying rise of deepfake technology, the escalating tension between the government and Big Tech, and the corruption at the heart of the british media. The second installment has already arrived at Lionsgate+.


Nacho tells the dramatic but comical story of the real people behind the porn industry that generates more than 500 million euros a year in Spain. The series showcases their humanity and the fun lives they lead, proving that their talents go way beyond their 10-inch. Nacho was a game changer in the 1990s when she became an international superstar. That’s where he begins his story, when he discovers that he was born with a gift that he could use to fend for himself. The series is already available.

Party Down

Ten years later, most of the catering team at Party Down has moved in, including actor and bartender Henry Pollard, played by Adam Scott (Severance, Parks and Recreation). After a surprise reunion, the group finds themselves once again stoically enduring the procession at random parties with strange guests all over Los Angeles. The third season is already on the platform.

Miss 89

Miss 89 is a sophisticated dramatic thriller from visionary Lucía Puenzo (La Jauría), set in the glamor of 1980s Mexico. The story follows Concepción (Ilse Salas), the matriarch of the country’s most important beauty pageant, who, along with a team of expert make-up artists, trainers and even surgeons, welcomes the 32 finalists to their estate, La Encantada. There, the contestants will experience a hard 3-month training until they reach the Miss Mexico pageant. Second season very soon. It is now available.

The Great season 3

Although it will have its big premiere on Friday, July 14, a new episode will arrive every week. Catherine and Peter they try to make their marriage work after some seemingly insurmountable problems. Peter witnessed his own assassination attempt at the hands of Catherine and she also ends up imprisoning all of her friends. Catherine the Great begins to make a name for herself beyond her borders and inspired by the visit of the US ambassador, she organizes a conference where peasants, nobles and merchants can give their opinion on the development of a new Russia. . She learns that even the best political leaders sometimes have to compromise in order to progress. There is no defined date within July for its launch.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Being one of the great signings for the Latin catalog of huluseasons 1, 2 and 3 will be available from June 23.

Ash vs Evil Dead is a comedy series that follows the classic horror film The Evil Dead. Ash has spent the last thirty years avoiding the responsibility, maturity, and terrors of the Evil Dead until a deadly plague threatens to destroy all of humanity, and Ash becomes humanity’s only hope.

Movies on Lionsgate+: Pride and Prejudice

Available from June 1. Five o’clock bennett sisters They have been raised by their mother with a single purpose in life: to get a husband. However, Lizzie can think of 100 reasons not to get married.

Between Knives and Secrets (Daggers in the back)

Still from Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion

When renowned crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead on his estate, inquisitive Detective Benoit Blanc finds himself mysteriously left in charge of the investigation. It is the first part of the franchise that is now owned by Netflix. It is starring Daniel Craig.

The death Race

Death Race

After 4 years of global economic crisis, private companies have managed the jail business to obtain economic benefits. Known for being one of the most outstanding films of Jason Statham.

All these productions are available on Lionsgate+. You can access them by subscribing, here.