5 series similar to ALCHEMY OF SOULS to watch on NETFLIX

5 series similar to ALCHEMY OF SOULS to watch on NETFLIX



If you still miss the Korean series on Netflix, then you shouldn’t miss these k-dramas on the streaming platform. Review the list with Hotel del Luna and more!

Alchemy of Souls, the Korean Netflix series.
© IMDbAlchemy of Souls, the Korean Netflix series.

The korean series never cease to amaze in the catalog of Netflix. This was the case for alchemy of souls, the fiction created by Park Joon-hwa, Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran that came to the streaming platform in 2022 and still has fans around the world who miss it. Over two volumes, it follows a powerful sorceress trapped in the body of a blind woman who meets a prestigious man who needs help to change her destiny. These are the 5 similar series that you can find in the subscription service!

+ 5 series similar to Alchemy of Souls on Netflix

– The sound of magic

One of the series of Netflix what should you see not to miss alchemy of souls its titled the sound of magic. launched in 2022has 6 episodes and was created by Kim Sung-youn and Kim Min-jeong. What is it about? A magician who lives in an abandoned amusement park meets a disenchanted teenager. This is how she makes her problems disappear and gives her hope back.

– The King’s Affection

Another of the proposals Netflix is the king’s affectioncreated by Song Hyun-wook, Lee Hyun-suk and Han Hee-jung in 2021. throughout their 20 episodeswill remind you of alchemy of souls. The story begins when the crown prince is assassinated and his twin sister assumes the throne. She must keep her identity and her first love a secret.

– Hotel of the moon

alchemy of souls is unforgettable but can be compared to moon hotel in Netflix. series of 2019 it was created by Oh Choong-hwan, Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran and has 16 episodes. On this occasion, his main character is a sophisticated hotelier who receives the offer to manage a hotel for dead souls. Upon arrival, he meets the original owner of the place and the strange world of her.

– Tomorrow

Kim Tae-youn, Sung Chi-wook, Park Rhan, Park Ja-kyung and Kim You-jin are responsible for Tomorrowthe series of Netflix with 16 episodes which premiered in 2022 and that will remind you of Alchemy of Souls. The plot begins after an accident that transforms a young man into half human and half spirit, causing him to join an underworld team that fulfills special missions.

– Love under the moonlight

if you still miss alchemy of soulsthen you can’t get lost in Netflix of Love under the moonlight. Created by Kim Sung-youn, Baek Sang-hoon, Im Ye-jin and Kim Min-jeongthe show 2016 has 18 episodes in Netflix. The story centers on a woman from the Joseon Dynasty who grew up as a man and ends up passing as a eunuch in the palace. This is how she makes friends with the crown prince.