3 series and movies about VOLCANOES to watch on NETFLIX MEXICO


While Popocatépetl threatens three states in Mexico, we are going to tell you about 3 documentary content on Netflix that talk about volcanoes.

Series and documentary films portray what happens when a volcano erupts and the consequences for people
© NetflixSeries and documentary films portray what happens when a volcano erupts and the consequences for people

While the popocatepetl is quite active and surprising with incredible images on social networks, we tell you about 3 series and movies about volcanoes that you can watch on Netflix right now and that are available in Mexico.

According to the Geological Service of Mexico, the country has 42 recognized volcanoesalthough it is said that there are more than 2,000 volcanoes, possibly the most famous is the popocatepetl which, in fact, is the second highest volcano in the country and is in intense activity keeping 3 states on alert.

+ Series and movies about volcanoes on Netflix

+ Raging Planet

It is a series in which storm chasers, survivors and rescuers recount their bloody experiences with volcanoestornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.

The series has a total of 4 chapters, each one dedicated to the phenomena mentioned above and specifically It is chapter 2 that is dedicated to volcanoes.

With a duration of 42 minutes, the episode focuses on experts, who take an in-depth look at four impressive volcanoes, from Iceland to Italyeach one bigger and more explosive than the last.

+ To Hell

This is a 2016 documentary feature film directed by the Oscar nominee, W. Herzogwho approaches not only the risks, but also the cultural and geological value of volcanoes.

With images of eruptions and lava, Werner Herzog captures all the natural power of volcanoes and its connection to indigenous spiritual practices.

Werner Herzog takes us to the place the title suggests: the red-hot magma-filled craters of some of the world’s most active and astounding volcanoes, in one of the most daring adventures of his long career. From North Korea to Ethiopia, from Iceland to the Vanuatu archipelago, humans have invented stories to understand volcanoes.“, Netflix points out about the documentary.

+ The Volcano: Rescue in Whakaari

The third content that you can find about volcanoes on Netflix, available in Mexico, is a 2022 film, which is also a documentaryled by the Oscar-nominated director Rory Kennedy (The Last Days in Vietnam).

The film focuses on the Survivor and rescuer accounts and real-life footage of New Zealand’s deadly 2019 volcanic eruption that grabbed the headlines.