A wide variety of cuisines and snacks available all over the world


There is a wide variety of cuisines and snacks available all over the world. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to visit a country just to taste the culinary there and the latest snack trends.
But it seems that it does not apply to Victoria Beckham. He is said to have only eaten the same food for almost 25 years. The confession was revealed by her husband, David Beckham, in a podcast about the culinary world.

The former footballer said that his wife rarely and almost never tasted other foods outside of her diet which she had been doing since they met.

“Unfortunately I am married to someone who has been eating the same food for 25 years. Since I met him he only eats grilled fish and boiled vegetables. He rarely eats out of it,” he said.

Victoria Beckham turned out to have tried other foods when she was pregnant with Harper and was called one of the best moments in David’s life.

“Once she tried the food that was on my plate when she was pregnant with Harper and it was an amazing thing. It was one of my favorite nights. I can’t remember what she ate but for sure she didn’t eat it again after that,” said Beckham. .

Not only that, David Beckham also revealed a secret about his habits when not accompanied by his wife and children. He mentioned that it was one of his favorite moments because he could freely eat whatever he wanted.

As had happened when he was quarantined after returning from Italy. So everyone in the house left and I seemed to like it.

“I even ate two very delicious pieces of meat. One T-bone and one wagyu, I finished it with a glass of red wine for myself because I was getting ready to watch the ball game in the afternoon alone,” he concluded.