A series of series that have the heart to kill important characters


1. Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)

We really have to start from a series that is indeed a series whose storyline is unpredictable. The audience could hardly choose a hero who would survive until the last episode of this series. There are a lot of great characters and the protagonist is made to die. One of the most shocking is the death of Ned Stark.

Ned is the highly respected leader of the Stark clan. However, due to a betrayal, Ned is arrested and put on trial. When many viewers felt that Ned would survive the trial, this series suddenly cut the neck of Ned who since the first few episodes was described as the main hero.

Ned was made to die tragically. This scene seems to be a “welcome” scene for the audience to witness an unexpected series. After Ned, several other important characters who had delivered the story also died, such as Cateyn Stark, Rob Stark and Khal Drago. Instead, the antagonists are deliberately given longevity.

2. John Shelby (Peaky Blinders)

The world in the Peaky Blinders series is centered on the figure of Thomas Shelby. His strong character makes his fans admire this figure so much. However, behind Thomas, there are brothers and sisters who are no less strong in character. They are Arthur and John Shelby.

Both of them have always been Thomas’ mainstay in carrying out his missions. But at the start of the fourth season, John Shelby’s character was surprisingly killed. He is ambushed by mafia gangster Luca Changretta at his home. Instead of being like a hero in a superhero movie who can turn things around when pressed, John is made unable to escape until he finally dies after being hit by bullets.

The death of John Shelby seems to be the fuel that makes this series even more popular with one of the main heroes being killed.

3. Berlin (Money Heist)

Money Heist is one of the most popular series on Netflix. Its fun premise and excellent character depiction make this series a hit with a lot of fans. Although the main characters are robbers, their backgrounds make the audience really sympathize.

One of the characters the audience sympathizes with the most is Berlin; a central figure assigned to be the leader of a robber gang. Berlin is a character who has a high leadership spirit even though his temperament is very annoying. As the final episode of the second season approaches, Berlin’s character becomes more and more interesting and likable.

I don’t know what was in Alex Pina’s mind, this director also chose a storyline that sacrificed Berlin at the end of the second season. He had to struggle against the soldiers who were in ambush and was killed by becoming a shield for his friends. After Berlin died, one season later, the audience finally found out that Berlin was actually one of the masterminds of this heist

4. Beth (The Walking Death)

The Walking Dead is a series that has a lot of fans. The main premise is that zombie attacks make all the characters in the series feel threatened. The Walking Death has many main characters and they have to survive as much as possible from the evil creatures.

As with zombie stories in general, some characters must lose. One of them is Beth, the main character who is loved by the audience. In the fifth season, this figure is told to die. Suddenly, the loyal audience of this series became inflamed. They felt that Beth shouldn’t have been killed. I was so excited, there was a trending topic on Twitter about Beth’s death.

The directors Scott M. Gimple and Matthew Negrete who made this series deliberately left the main story of The Walking Dead comic version. The reason is to give a different impression to the audience. Unfortunately, fans didn’t welcome the change well.

5. Ragnar Lothbrok ( Vikings)

He is a respected leader for successfully bringing his tribe up to a level. His courage and intelligence made everyone want his life. That’s Ragnar Lothbrok, the main character in the charismatic Vikings series .

But as strong as Ragnar was, he finally died at the hands of Aella, the ruler of Northumbria. Aella kills Ragnar by being thrown into a pit filled with snakes. Many viewers thought that Ragnar wasn’t really dead, but it turns out that the character was really made to die.

Finally a new story emerges about the revenge of Bjorn, Ragnar’s son who demands his father’s death. Although some fans have predicted, but seeing a Ragnar so tough die, it still hurts.