A Pink’s Comeback Outfit Is Called Similar To GOT The Beat, Here’s What Netizens Say


One Of The Outfits Worn By Apink Attracted Attention, Especially SM Entertainment Fans. The Black Outfits With Glittering Accessories Reminded Them Of GOT The Beat.

Apink has finally released new music after a long hiatus. However, there are comments that say their outfits are too similar to SM Entertainment’s supergroup, Girls on Top : GOT the Beat.

Apink made their first comeback in a year and 10 months with the special album “HORN” on February 14, 2022. This album was released to commemorate Apink’s 10th anniversary, which took place in 2021.

As expected, Apink has not lost its charm as one of the top K-Pop girl groups. The members successfully delivered impressive performances in music videos and music show stages.

However, one of the outfits worn by Apink caught the attention of netizens, especially SM Entertainment fans. Some say that black outfits with glittering accessories remind them of GOT the Beat.

Apparently many do not agree that Apink is called plagiarism, because such outfits are very common for stage costumes. Not a few who criticize SM fans back.

“SM fans will believe if Lee Soo Man said he founded the Joseon Dynasty,” commented netizen.

“Don’t SM fans stop talking about plagiarism?” said netizens. “Only the same color scheme. It’s a common concept in stage costumes,” said another.

It’s like a girl group which is equivalent to a male group’s black military jacket with gold decorations,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, GOT the Beat consists of SM’s mainstay idols such as BoA , Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon and Hyoyeon , Red Velvet ‘s Wendy and Seulgi , and Karina and Winter Aespa . They released a single titled “Step Back” in January 2022.

Apink’s Special Album ‘Horn’ Has Stolen Fans’ Attention After Being Released On February 14 With The Release Of The Title Song ‘Dilemma’ Where They Showed A Sharp Mature Side.

Apink who made a comeback with the special album “HORN” in commemoration of the 10-year anniversary of this girl group has been successful in the market. By releasing the music video for the addictive title song “Dilemma”, Apink talked about preparing to compose the album.

Apink’s 10th anniversary special album is a comeback after 2020.

“First of all, everything is fun and exciting. The process of practicing is hard for the body, but the mind is very happy and happy.

Then the thing that became the focus or attention when preparing for Apink’s album this time was about their adult image. Chorong explained, “That’s something I care about for every album, but I want to show a slightly more mature image.