A new look for the Peacemaker, the series spin-off of Suicide Squad starring John Cena


Regardless of the result of the lukewarm have collected The Suicide Squad at the box office, James Gunn is ready to expand the adventures of one of the characters that he introduced to the DC Extended Universe : Peacemaker .

Serial starring John Cena has revealed a new image via Entertainment Weekly, in which he is seen arguing with the group operation of the new.

Suicide Squad introduces the character Peacemaker, and also “kill him”. However, the post-credits scene of the film shows that he was able to survive from his injuries, making it ready to be the protagonist of the new series will arrive on HBO Max .

Series Peacemaker will see the character of John Cena, a killer with patriotism excessive and that does not stop to achieve the ideals of peace, hang out with a bunch of new characters the most diverse.

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Among the cast of the serial Peacemaker is Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Chukwudi Iwuji and Robert Patrick . Most of the characters kept confidential, except Holland and Agee, who are reprising their roles in The Suicide Squad .

Image Peacemaker shared by Entertainment Weekly shows the group argue around a few tables in the middle of the store were completely broken.

It remains to be seen whether the relationship the character of John Cena with new teammates will be better than what he have with the group in the Suicide Squad. We will have more information about the series in the Fandome DC , October.

Although the box office results for The Suicide Squad is quite weak, even to this time, there is a possibility that the series Peacemaker , which is devoted exclusively to HBO Max , will be an incentive for some fans to subscribe to the platform. The executive HBO Max assured that the release of the film simultaneously produce incredible results.

Even before The Suicide Squad showtimes in cinema and HBO Max, it is known that one of the (anti-)hero in the film, the Peacemaker works of John Cena, will get a spin-off of the TV. We now have images of the first look of the show.

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In the reboot of the Suicide Squad’s James Gunn, the Peacemaker and Bloodsport (Idris Elba) has a competition that is not so friendly which culminated in a shootout towards the end of the film. Bloodsport shoot Peacemaker through his neck, but the post-credit stinger revealed that the Peacemaker survivors of the firefight and was recruited by the subordinate Amanda Waller to save the world from some new threat.

And the first picture is basically taken from there. Peacemaker Cena back on, and she sat at the table with some people from the office Waller including Economos and Harcourt, as well as costumed characters other, Vigilante .

Gunn said he’s not a fan of bringing back the characters after they seemed to die, but he became his worst enemy to make the Peacemaker of the show. “I do the things I hate when filmmakers else to do it,” said Gunn told EW. “But I did it! I have to live with the result, which is the TV show most incredible ever seen people.”

Peacemaker will be premiered in January 2022 with the season eight episodes. He will be working with three new character, a mercenary named Murn, the character of the Vigilante, and a character named Adebayo.

Gunn wrote all episodes of Peacemaker and directed five episodes of this season. 3 after reuniting with Marvel. See a review of The Suicide Squad from IGN in which we praise the attitude Gunn disrespectful about the verse villains DC.