A Man Called Otto Review: Generic but delightful

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At some point in life, a person will surely be abandoned by loved ones around him. It’s inevitable, but I’m still lonely because I don’t know how to deal with it and become afraid. The first is an indication that they want to promote the film ‘A Man Called Otto’.

‘A Man Called Otto’ is a comedy-drama film produced by Columbia Pictures and directed by Marc Forster. Starring Tom Hanks in the lead role; The film focuses on Otto, who is famously irritable at various things around him. With the arrival of new neighbors, As he struggles with the loneliness he experiences, his outlook on life changes.

A man called Otto Review

The narrative itself focuses on Otto and various things in his life. The plot moves along the narrative, occasionally appearing as media coverage at several points in the narration. It will last for 126 minutes and will tire the audience easily with the same storyline especially as the plot progresses.

The self-appointed drama focuses on one person’s reluctance to move forward. This reluctance made him a different person; He doesn’t even hesitate to end his life in order to live with the memories of his past. But if over time one can understand it and make more sense of it until the end of one’s life.

Although it feels generic. The message is conveyed well, making it easy to care about Otto and the other characters.

Tom Hanks as the main character always manages to charm Otto. His flying hours in Hollywood theaters make the main character look reasonable for all his complaints about ‘A Man Called Otto‘. Mariana Trevino, who can keep up with Tom Hanks as Marisol, feels more alive.


Technically, There’s really nothing special about ‘A Man Called Otto’. using bright colors that correspond to cool and warm characteristics; Filming that tends to be stable, A dramatic score isn’t Hollywood’s highest cinematic achievement, but it makes it fun.

in conclusion, ‘A Man Called Otto’ is a generic drama that deals with loneliness and reluctance to move on. Even so, the captivating performances of Tom Hanks and Mariana Trevino are a treat to enjoy.